G-Dragon and Kim Junsu Join Suzy, Taeyeon, More as 'Korean Stars with Most Expensive Cars' Rankings by 'All Year Live'

G-Dragon and Kim Junsu Join Suzy, Taeyeon, More as 'Korean Stars with Most Expensive Cars' Rankings by 'All Year Live'
(Photo : Junsu, Suzy and G-Dragon)

Along with Suzy, Taeyeon, etc., BIGBANG G-Dragon and JYJ Junsu entered the list as well! Read more to see the Top 20 "Stars with Most Expensive Cars" ranked by "All Year Live"!

On the evening of February 5, Friday, KBS 2TV's "All Year Live" dropped the part two of their rankings for "Korean Stars Who Bought the Most Expensive Cars."

In the second episode of the two-part rankings, the No. 1 celebrity with the most luxurious and lavish cars was finally revealed, and you'll be shocked with how high-priced his cars were!

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BIGBANG G-Dragon and JYJ Kim Junsu Top All Year Live's "Stars with Most Expensive Cars"

According to the entertainment show, the former TVXQ and current JYJ member Kim Junsu is known to have the most expensive car in the entertainment industry and among the top 20.

It was reported that there were as many as 10 cars owned by the singer. In particular, he is the owner of the only blue model of the monster sports car from Italian company, Lamborghini Aventador in Korea, which costs approximately $400,000!

For his daily car, XIA Junsu was revealed to be using a yellow supercar, Ferrari Italia and he also has a luxury sedan from Mercedez Benz with various convenience facilities with massage functions.

Along with these, Junsu also has a variety of luxury cars from top-tier brands, Porche Panamera, Bentley flying spur, Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, rolls Royce phantom drophead coupe, and many more-- and the total combined price cost as much as 4.12 billion won!

Meanwhile, BIGBANG G-Dragon is incredibly ranked in No. 3!

The "King of K-pop" who owns a Lamborghini luxury sports car, which also appeared in his music video, is known to cost 540 million won. He also boasted of his bold customization to the point of wrapping his favorite cartoon character.

The second car is a luxury coupe made by the Bentley company. The car costs about 280 million won.

The luxury sedan from Rolls Royce which was the talk of the town on a TV show costs 470 million won. The coach door, which opens facing each other on both sides, also had an umbrella built into the passenger seat, and the Milky Way ceiling was also customized.

The combined price of the three units is estimated to be 1.29 billion won.

All-Year Live's "Top 20 Stars with Most Expensive Cars" in the Entertainment Industry

In the broadcast, the other stars ranking from 10th to 1st places with the most costly cars were finally revealed, and the list includes:

1.Kim Junsu
2.Yeon Jung Hoon
4.Ahn Junghwan
5.Son Heung Min
6.Poppin Hyun Joon
7.Jeon Hyun Moo
8. Rapper Yeomta
9. Jin Jae Young
10. Bae Yong Joon

In addition to this, Suzy, Taeyeon, Uee, and Dongwan also entered the rankings. Suzy ranked No.17, Taeyeon ranked at No. 14, Uee at No. 13, and Dongwan ranked No. 11.

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