Childhood Friend of aespa Giselle Quashes Rumors about Her

A supposed childhood friend of aespa Giselle revealed in an online community forum that the two are friends and takes the chance to defend the Korean-Japanese idol from malicious rumors made against her. Keep on reading to learn more.

aespa Giselle's Supposed Pal Jumped to Her Defense, Shares Throwback Photo with the Idol

A user on an online community forum released asked the question, "Do you know any K-pop idols personally? Or do you know anyone that knows any K-pop idols?" 

On Tuesday, Feb. 2, a user named Rose Imai from Tokyo, Japan, revealed that she and Giselle were childhood friends. To add legitimacy to her statements, she included a photo of Giselle with other high school friends during their graduation. Rose Imai informs the readers that the picture is from her Camera Roll, but versions of the photo with Giselle's face covered have already circulated online.

High School Friend of aespa Giselle Defends Her on Online Community Forum
(Photo : Rose Imai)

In her response to the question, she reveals why she wanted to answer the question: to debunk all the negative rumors surrounding Giselle. While Rose Imai does not go into detail on which controversies specifically, she states that the two grew up together and were very close. She says that Giselle is one of the nicest people she has ever met and does not deserve all the negative slander she received.

Rose Imai also adds that she hates that people made up malicious rumors with no evidence and judged her solely on her appearance.

The user states that Giselle does not have a dirty past. While she acknowledges that Giselle did go out and hang out with friends, just like most teenagers do, she has never smoked, done drugs, nor bullied anyone. She reveals Giselle worked extremely hard to get to where she is now.

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

After moving to South Korea, Giselle stopped speaking to many of her friends in Japan. According to Rose Imai, it was a friend who had taken the sudden distance badly who started the rumors.

According to her, "She just could not be happy for her friend."

Negative Rumors Concerning aespa Giselle

Once SM Entertainment revealed Giselle as a member of aespa, photos of her during her time as a student started to resurface. An online user then accused Giselle of being a bully in school who did everything that is bad: underage drinking, smoking, and drugs. According to them, her personal life was a mess too.

(Photo : Pann Nate)

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They then claimed that Giselle had suddenly tried to erase her "dirty past" after being accepted in SM Entertainment. She changed her phone number and deleted her Instagram account.

However, they revealed that many people still have photos of Giselle on their accounts. The user added that all the kids who drank underage and did drugs are all following aespa's Instagram.

SM Entertainment has established that they will be taking legal actions against false and malicious comments and rumors made against their artists. Giselle herself has never commented on the accusations.

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(Photo : aespa Twitter)

From "Forever" Remake to Ambassadorship: aespa's 2021 Activities So Far

On Feb. 5, aespa released a digital single titled "Forever," a remake of Yoo Young Jin's song of the same name. The original singer was reported to have also helped work on the remake of "Forever." The track is described as being a mid-tempo ballad that comforts the listeners with its acoustic guitar sounds and heart-warming lyrics that talk about promising forever to someone you love.

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On Feb. 10, it was announced that aespa are Givenchy's 2021 brand ambassadors. This makes aespa the first K-pop artist to represent the French fashion house.

(Photo : Givenchy)

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