Why Did 'EXO COMEBACK' Trend on Twitter? Group's Possible Return This 2021 Draws Attention for This Hint

Are you ready for "Nation's Pick" EXO new music era? Brace yourselves as it might actually happen this 2021!

Keep on reading to know why "EXO COMEBACK" trended on Twitter.

On Feb. 17, fans of the supergroup EXO couldn't find their chill as the news of the nonet's new album dominated various social media platforms. This was after a news media outlet that reported about member D.O.'s upcoming movie schedules mentioned that the male idol is preparing for an EXO-related album!

Following the news, EXO's cosmic fandom - EXO-Ls - talked about the report, eventually catapulting it on the top spot of the trending list on Twitterverse.

EXO COMEBACK 2021: Are We Finally Getting a New Album?

In a broader context, one of the most trusted Korean media outlets Star News released an article on Wednesday, airing its curiosity on who will be EXO D.O.'s female lead in his upcoming movie, "Secret."

While several fans expressed their anticipation for the idol-actor's schedules following his military discharge in January, an small detail in the article captured the attention of diehard musicheads the most.

In the article, Star news wrote, "Meanwhile, Do Kyungsoo, who was discharged from the military in January, will have a busy schedule with director Kim Yong Hwa's new film "The Moon" in the first half of this year, EXO's new album, and "Secret" in the second half of this year."

With how the news outlet wrote "EXO new album," fans still can't help but think that the K-pop powerhouse will set the stage afire again with a new release!

The fandom initially guessed that the report meant D.O.'s new album or it could be a typographical error on the writer's side, the news about EXO's possible return to the music scene immediately circulated on the web.

"EXO COMEBACK" and related key terms "EXO NEW ALBUM" both trended on Twitter as of press time, and EXO-Ls' rapture oozes with their overwhelming tweets.

For now, while we can recall member Baekhyun and Kai spoiling the possible comeback in separate events, entertainment agency giant SM Entertainment is yet to release its confirmation.

However, how the idol group already ranked No.1 on real-time searches is already proof that the whole K-pop industry can't wait to see EXO dominate 2021 as well!

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EXO D.O. to Star in an Upcoming Movie "Secret" + Viewers Anticipate Who the Female Lead is

Meanwhile, Do Kyungsoo, or prominently known as D.O., landed on his second movie project for this year following "The Moon."

On Feb. 15, it was confirmed that the male idol who emerged as one of the most promising new-gen actors will star on the Korean remake of Taiwanese film "Secret." The movie, which is a fantasy-romance film, will revolve around the story of a piano genius who will meet a girl playing cryptic music as he transfers to his new school.

According to the production team, an audition for the cast and the female lead will take place from March to April. The production company plans to discover the main characters of the original film as well as Do Kyungsoo's counterpart through extensive auditions.

Audition opportunities are also open to established actors, but they will not only provide opportunities but also give new vitality to the film through the discovery of new actors.

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Can't wait for EXO's comeback and D.O.'s forthcoming projects? Tell us in the comments what you're most looking forward to!

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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