Tiffany Young Promises Girls’ Generation’s Return to ‘Knowing Bros’ by August

On Saturday, Mar. 6, Girls' Generation member Tiffany Young appeared on the latest episode of JTBC's "Knowing Bros." There, she revealed that she wants Girls' Generation to appear as a whole group on the show by August. Keep on reading to learn more.

Will Girls' Generation Appear on "Knowing Bros" by August?

On Mar. 6, Do Kyung Wan and Girls' Generation's member Tiffany Young appeared as guests on "Knowing Bros." Tiffany, who was recently announced to be playing the role of Roxie Hart in the musical "Chicago." During her appearance on the show, she revealed that she beat 200 people for the role and that she went through extreme methods to prepare for it. She told the cast of "Knowing Bros" that she wore fishnet stockings, red lipsticks, and wore a beauty mark every day, and lived as Roxie Hart.

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She revealed that she didn't hear back from the producers after her audition for an entire month. At one point, she had considered returning to the United States but soon got the approval from both the Korean "Chicago" producers and the Broadway team, and she had scored the role of Roxie Hart. Her story earned praise from the "Knowing Bros" cast members.

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While on the show, they discussed possible returns to the show. There, Tiffany revealed that she plans to have all the eight members of Girls' Generation return to "Knowing Bros." She explained that she wished to return to the show to celebrate her birthday on Aug. 1, as well as Girls' Generation's debut anniversary on Aug. 5. She confessed that she wished to celebrate her birthday party on the JTBC program.

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Kim Heechul, a member of Super Junior and former labelmate of Tiffany, asked the idol how she would be able to get the other girls to agree to appear on the show. Tiffany showed her confidence that the girls would appear, saying, "My nickname is 'Ti-manager, so I think the members will agree!"

It appears Tiffany has already started rallying the members to appear on the show!

Following the episode's airing, fans showed off their excitement for a possible full-member Girls' Generation reunion on their screens. Many are even hoping that Girls' Generation would release an album!

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Is Girls' Generation Planning a Comeback?

Back in Feb. 2021, numerous media outlets reported that Girls' Generation was planning on making a full-member comeback with a release of a new album. Numerous domestic and international made articles concerning the possible comeback of the "Nation's Girl Group."

Girls' Generation
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However, SM Entertainment quickly made a statement that there are no concrete plans for a Girls' Generation comeback.

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Do you want Girls' Generation to return as 8 members on stage again?

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