Shinhwa Dongwan Denies Disbandment After Heated Online Conflict With Eric

Shinhwa Dongwan Denies Disbandment After Heated Online Conflict with Eric
(Photo : Shinhwa Eric and Dongwon)

The 23-year K-pop legendary group Shinhwa member Dongwan denied disbandment rumors following an online dispute with their leader, Eric.

On March 15, Kim Dongwan of the long-lived Shinhwa directly denied rumors of disbandment during the live broadcast for Naver NOW's "Reply CINE."

This is after his online conflict with Eric, who called him out for alleged neglect of duties as a Shinhwa member.

Dongwan Affirmed Fans Shinhwa Will Not Disband

During the broadcast, fans and netizens are posting comments about possible disbandment as an aftermath of the conflict.

 In response, Kim Eung soo said, "6 members who have lived in different environments have been together for 23 years, so why can't there be any trouble?"Kim Dongwan also agreed and said, "Disbanding is nonsense."

He added, "I will endure it more persistently even if I get angry because of those people who say such things. I can accept the appropriate noise, but all six of us are trying to listen and endure it in moderation," proving that small fights among them would not break them apart that easily.

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Shinhwa Eric Called Out Dongwan Publicly through Instagram for Neglecting His Duties as a Member

Meanwhile, the "beef" between the members sparked when Eric tagged Kim Dongwan's account on his Instagram and publicly filed a complaint on March 14.

He accused a member who had a good reputation for being friendly to fans, although he damaged group communication and schedule, implying that he worked harder as a solo artist than being in the group.

Eric then confronted Dongwan, "Let's talk about it if you're willing to solve the problem. There's no way to contact him, so I'll tag him and tell Andy (co-member)."

The leader continued complaining that Dongwan hasn't been in touch with him in their group chat for six years, and he wasn't able to talk to him due to he doesn't have Dongwan's phone number.

In response, Kim Dongwan also said on his Instagram, "I am sorry to Shinhwa Changjo (fandom) who were very surprised. If I meet the Shinhwa member tomorrow, I will have a good conversation. It would be important for us to talk to each other first because it's internal. If I had accepted the contact from the production team that I've been preparing since last year, if I had communicated with them freely, neither Shinhwa nor Shinhwa Changjo would have experienced this. I feel sorry for that," he said.

To appease Eric, he also left a comment on his Instagram saying, "I talked to Andy on the phone around 6 o'clock, let's meet tomorrow and talk about it. I guess it hasn't been delivered yet, so I'll go to Seoul, so let's talk."

On this day, Dongwan posted on his Instagram account a photo in a restaurant, with a caption, "We are talking with the members."

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