Meet LIPHOP - The Newest Fashion Brand of K-Pop Stars

G(I)-DLE: Fashion Icons and LIPHOP Ambassadors
(Photo : LIPHOP/ KPop PR)

K-pop artists and K-drama actors have become more than just stars; they are trendsetters the whole world watches - and one brand is starting to emerge atop all others: LIPHOP.

From GOT7's Bambam, MOMOLAND's Ahin, to the entire (G)I-DLE, LIPHOP apparel has been going everywhere, becoming the fashion choice for some of today's stars.

GOT 7 singer BamBam is regularly seen in the brands faux fur jackets
(Photo : LIPHOP/ KPop PR)

Based in Seoul, South Korea, LIPHOP prides itself on being the world's first high fashion SPA brand boasting a huge following around the world - from the US to Thailand, Japan, and more. The brand has been worn by both K-Pop and US-based artists including Super Junior, Mamamoo, Trey Songz, Tyga, and more.

On their website, LIPHOP said that it achieves its vision "by combining the national brand's high quality, culture, and fast fashion's diversity, and low prices."

Originally founded in 2003, LIPHOP was conceptualized from luxury hip-hop with the confidence of self-expression. It recently opened its flagship store at the heart of Gangnam, Seoul.

LIPHOP has also acquired a second location, known as the "Bieber House," which grew into a celebrity hotspot in Seoul where some of Korea's hottest social media influencers - TikTok celebrities also film their videos on the location, such as King Min Su, who has 7.6 million followers on the video-sharing platform, as well as Super Junior's Shindong.

Recently, the brand has signed a deal with the Cube Entertainment girl group (G)I-DLE, making the six-piece group their newest ambassadors.

G(I)-DLE: Fashion Icons and LIPHOP Ambassadors
(Photo : LIPHOP/ KPop PR)

The exciting fashion brand keeps K-Pop stars, Gen Z, and Millennials curious and anticipating with its huge selection of quality items at incredibly affordable prices. With a staggering lineup of 15 new items every day - available on the LIPHOP online portal - fashionistas will never run out of choices for matching tracksuits, crop tops, hoodies, sweaters, and so much more.

LIPHOP combines passion and fashion to create a unique lifestyle centered on confidence, sophistication, and coolness. Through these ideas, the brand encourages self-expression through music, dancing, workouts, with the freedom and happiness to do so.

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