BLACKPINK Lisa Relationship Status 2021: Thai Rapper Never Dated BTS Jungkook

Here is everything we know about BLACKPINK Lisa's relationship status.(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram Account)

BLACKPINK member Lisa is, without a doubt, one of the most followed K-pop artists today. Though she has been in the limelight for years, her avid followers still have limited details about her personal lives, specifically her love life.

So, is Lisa exclusively seeing someone behind the cameras? Keep on reading to know more about this stunning and beautiful BLACKPINK member.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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BLACKPINK Lisa's Relationship Status Revealed

The "How You Like That" singer has been plagued with numerous dating rumors since she, alongside Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo, rose to fame. Though, most if not all, fans are aware that K-pop idols often have "no public relationship" clauses in their contracts, there are still a few who believe that BLACKPINK member Lisa could be dating someone right now.

There were even reports linking BLACKPINK Lisa with BTS member Jungkook. A lot of fans have been speculating that the two K-pop superstars could be a perfect match to each other since they are both the youngest members of their respective groups.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

In other words, this could mean that BLACKPINK member Lisa and BTS member Jungkook could have a lot of similar interests. Aside from that, some avid followers of the two singers think that Lisa and Jungkook look so perfect when they are together.

However, Lisa had put the endless Jungkook dating speculations to rest when she revealed one shocking detail about her personal preference when it comes to boys. The co-member of BLACKPINK Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, in an interview with Airrang Radio in 2018, divulged that she, actually, prefers older man to be her partner in life.

Reports have it that BLACKPINK member Lisa is, currently, single and has been religiously abiding with YG Entertainment's dating ban. As of this writing, it is believed that the "Lovesick Girls" singer has started preparing for her imminent solo debut later this year.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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BLINKs Demands YG Entertainment to Stop 'Mistreating' BLACKPINK Lisa

Meanwhile, BLINKs took to social media to express their feelings and thoughts about how YG Entertainment is, allegedly, treating Lisa. According to fans, the agency has been so unfair to the BLACKPINK member.

Avid followers of BLACKPINK Lisa asked YG Entertainment to release an official statement about the highly anticipated solo debut of the Thai rapper. Moreover, some BLINKs want the agency to ensure that Lisa's official music video for her imminent solo track would be of high-quality, adding that top-notch wardrobe, hair and makeup essentials should be used.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

Others even demanded YG Entertainment to ensure that the forthcoming solo debut of BLACKPINK member Lisa would be different from anything that she has done before. Also, they want the "Ice Cream" singer to get proper promotions and variety show appearances wherein she could endorse her solo work.

BLINKs also trended the keywords "57 in YG Area" requesting YG Entertainment to let Lisa freely express her artistic side on her imminent solo debut. They even sent a van outside the agency's office, demanding better treatment for the BLACKPINK member. YG has yet to respond to these pleas.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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