DAY6 Jae Under Fire for ‘Sugar Daddy’ Remarks on Stream + Idol Apologizes

DAY6 Jae Under Fire For ‘Sugar Daddy’ Remarks on Stream + Idol Apologizes
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Following backlash for his "sugar daddy" comment in a recent Twitch stream, DAY6 member Jae has issued an apology through his personal Twitter. Keep on reading to learn more.

DAY6 Jae Makes "Sugar Daddy" Comment on a Twitch Stream and People are Not Happy

A clip for DAY6 member Jae's Twitch stream has been making headlines for the idol's alleged crude remarks and actions.

In the video, Jae can be heard saying, "This guy, he is my sugar daddy." A few moments later, Jae is then heard saying, "Just look away."

He then makes his character kneel down in front of another player's character. Jae's character is then seen making a sexual motion that resembles oral sex.

DAY6 Jae Under Fire For ‘Sugar Daddy’ Remarks on Stream + Idol Apologizes
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Though the people he was playing this found this humorous, Jae's actions and comments sparked an immense backlash from the Korean public. Many believe that the sexual actions he made his character do and his jokes are worse than saying actual curse words, and would rather he just swear instead of saying such crude words. Others comment that even normal Korean civilians don't make "sugar daddy" jokes. Therefore Jae should be more careful since he is a celebrity.

Once the backlash reached the idol's attention, he spoke about the controversy in another live Twitch stream. There, he can be heard saying, "Honestly, for me, it is just something I did with my friend. Maybe this is a cultural difference, but I will refrain from commenting on it... I really think that it is because of a big cultural difference."

  "Whenever I speak in English, the direct Korean translations are often made to be problematic numerous times," Jae adds. "If you choose to mistranslate what I say and purposely try to create problems from it, you might want to stop watching my streams for your own betterment."

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However, his explanation on his Twitch stream only sparked more criticism from his Korean audience.

DAY6's Jae Apologizes for "Sugar Daddy" Remarks During a Twitch Stream

As the backlash continued, Jae decided to share an apology in Korean to his personal Twitter account.

His apology reads, "I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my actions. I will strive to work harder to show a better version of myself."

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Jae's apology was met with support from international fans, who continue to shield Jay and DAY6 from the controversy. Many applauded Jae for owning to his mistakes. Fans showered him with praise, saying they were proud of him for taking matters into his own hands and apologizing.

Jae's company, JYP Entertainment, has not commented on the situation.

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