BTS V Net Worth 2021: Will 'Hwarang' Star's Upcoming Mixtape Help Increase His Total Assets?

BTS member V just reached another milestone recently.(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

BTS member V has become the face of many brands because of his stunning visuals and undeniable charisma. Most, if not all, fans are aware that the official activities of the South Korean all-male group have greatly contributed to the over-all accumulated wealth of the K-pop idol since he was launched, alongside his co-members, in 2013.

So, is V the richest member of the Bangtan Boys? Keep on reading to know more details about the wealth and assets of this striking BTS member.

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BTS V's Latest Net Worth Revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, V has a total net worth of $20 million. Reports have it that most of the K-pop idol's money is from the record-breaking music releases of BTS, which include "Fire," "Spring Day," "Blood Sweat & Tears," "For You," "DNA," "Fake Love," and "Chi, Ase Namina."

V, despite being the second youngest member of the group, has shown a lot of potential in other fields such as acting. The BTS member, in fact, has already done some acting roles and was even tapped for supporting role in the historical Korean drama called "Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth" where V portrayed as the youngest hwarang named Suk Han Sung.

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It would not come as a huge surprise if BTS member V decides to hone his skills in acting, especially if he and his co-members are on a hiatus again. Aside from that, the South Korean superstar has proven, time and again, how musically inclined he is after he released his own tracks called "Winter Bear" and "Scenery," and produced an official theme song for the trending Korean drama series "Itaewon Class" titled "Sweet Night."

BTS member V has, also, been teasing his devoted supporters about his imminent solo mixtape. The idol, previously, shared that the mixtape, with a working title "KTH1," would contain a total of 13 tracks. No other concrete details have been released as of this writing. However, it is expected to be dropped before 2021 ends.

The upcoming release of his mixtape is expected to be as successful as his previous projects. If this happenes, there is a very huge possibility that the total assests and net worth of BTS member V would also increase.

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BTS V Received a Compliment from a Famous Choir Director

Meanwhile, in 2014, a choir director named Iris Stevenson praised BTS member V after hearing the South Korean singer's own rendition of Michael Bublé's "I Wanna Go Home" song. Stevenson described V's voice as "soulful," adding that she totally likes how he gave justice to such a wonderful song.

Stevenson reiterated to BTS member V that he has a wonderful voice. The choir director even said that the handlers should keep the singer because of the soulfulness of his singing voice, which makes people feel something whenever he opens his mouth.

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Aside from Iris Stevenson, V and his other BTS co-members have also earned praises from numerous personalities such as Taylor Swift, John Cena and Drake. The biggest boy band in the world has even collaborated with some of the biggest starts in the entertainment industry today, including Nicki Minaj, Charli XCX, Sia and Halsey.

BTS member V, in a previous interview, shared that he expressed his inner desolation and doubts when he wrote the "Blue & Grey" track. The K-pop star said he translated the feeling of burning out as color blue while the sadness of not being able to be with the ARMYs as color grey.

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