IU Becomes the First and Only Korean Artist to Have 20 Songs Scoring a Perfect All-Kill

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IU recently made a comeback with a new album titled "LILAC," which contains the title track of the same name. Today, the female K-pop soloist has extended her record as the Korean artist with the most tracks to achieve a perfect all-kill (PAK) with her new song "LILAC."

"LILAC" is now IU's 20th Song to Attain a Perfect All-Kill

On March 25, IU dropped her fifth studio album "LILAC." Among the 10 songs in the album is the title track "LILAC," which the female K-pop soloist composed. This song is about a couple who has been together for 10 years and breaks up as spring comes closer.

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On March 27 at 7:30 a.m. KST, IU's "LILAC" has obtained a certified all-kill. A certified all-kill is when songs are No. 1 on MelOn's daily and 24Hits charts, daily and real-time charts of Bugs and Genie, VIBE's daily chart, and the real-time charts of FLO and iChart.

Today, March 29, IU has successfully scored another perfect all-kill with "LILAC."

At 12:30 a.m. KST, iChart congratulated IU for attaining a perfect all-kill. Tracks reach this milestone when they score the No. 1 spot on all major Korean music charts including iChart's weekly chart.

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"LILAC" has now become IU's second song to score a perfect all-kill this year, following "Celebrity." On top of that, "LILAC" is now IU's 20th song to achieve this milestone.

IU Becomes the First and Only Korean Artist with 20 Songs to Attain a Perfect All-Kill

With this new accomplishment, IU has become the first and only Korean artist in history to have a total of 20 songs clinching a perfect all-kill on Korean music charts.

Additionally, IU is the very first singer to get a PAK for five years in a row since 2017.

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Although her very first perfect all-kill is in June 2010 with "Nagging," the start where she continuously scored a PAK every year is in March 2017 with "Through the Night."

In addition to this, IU has extended her record as the Korean artist with the most perfect all-kills. And the only singer with more than five songs to achieve a PAK. The other K-pop acts with the most PAKs are BIGBANG who has five tracks and TWICE with four songs.

Meanwhile, "LILAC" has surpassed one million unique listeners on MelOn. It is IU's 95th song to do so. It has also exceeded five million streams on the platform.

IU's new album "LILAC" also continues to claim the No. 1 position on iTunes Album Chart in different countries. Recently, the album topped the said chart in Vietnam. It is her 14th No. 1 on iTunes Album Chart with "LILAC." The album previously hit No. 1 in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Israel, Cambodia, Brazil, the Philippines, and more.

List of IU's Songs That Achieved a Perfect All-Kill

  1. "Nagging"
  2. "Good Day"
  3. "The Story Only I Didn't Know"
  4. "You&I"
  5. "The Red Shoes"
  6. "Friday"
  7. "My Old Story"
  8. "Leon"
  9. "Twenty-Three"
  10. "Through the Night"
  11. "Can't Love You Anymore"
  12. "Palette" featuring G-Dragon
  13. "Autumn Morning"
  14. "BBIBBI"
  15. "Love Poem"
  16. "Blueming"
  17. "Give You My Heart"
  18. "Eight" featuring SUGA
  19. "Celebrity"
  20. "LILAC"

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