SEVENTEEN Mingyu Art Work Slammed for Alleged Inappropriate Content

Just after PLEDIS Entertainment cleared SEVENTEEN member Mingyu of all bullying allegations, the idol has found himself in hot waters once more due to his artwork and its alleged explicit content.

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SEVENTEEN Mingyu Under Fire for Art Work and its Inappropriate Content

On Sunday, Mar. 28, a frame-making company called Chakan Frame shared two photos on their official Instagram page. The images feature collages made by SEVENTEEN member Mingyu. While Chakan Frame complimented Mingyu's work and called it "cool," people who saw the artwork were disturbed by the alleged explicit content featured in the collage.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu Art Work Slammed for Alleged Inappropriate Content
(Photo : Chakan Frame Instagram)

In Mingyu's collage, photos of women's bare legs and underwear were seen. Additionally, pictures of headless women and other dismembered parts were seen with red paint drops blotted everywhere, which gives the impression of blood. One collage also features the word "SEX" in large letters, with a small "y" attached separately.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu Art Work Slammed for Alleged Inappropriate Content
(Photo : Chakan Frame Instagram)

Many wondered if Mingyu had actually cut the pieces from a magazine by himself for this collage. People slammed the collage for its alleged disgusting usage of women's bodies, with many contemplating what his artwork even means. Others saw his work as not only inappropriate and gruesome but childish as well, as it appears the idol did not think much about the consequences of his actions, nor of the thoughts, people could have over it.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu Art Work Slammed for Alleged Inappropriate Content
(Photo : Chakan Frame Instagram)

Some people, however, defended the idol. People argued that art is meant to be a freeway of expression, so he should not limit himself and what he chooses to express. Other fans also noted that Mingyu's art is incredible and even better than what most artists put out these days.

Neither Mingyu nor PLEDIS Entertainment has released a statement on the matter. Following the backlash, Chakan Frame has set their Instagram to private.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu Resolves Bullying Controversy

On Mar. 12, PLEDIS Entertainment announced that Mingyu and the company have met with the person accusing the idol of being a bully. The two parties were reportedly able to settle their misunderstandings and revealed that the person accused Mingyu of bullying due to the rough things they were going through that are not connected to the rapper.

(Photo : Mingyu Instagram)

The accuser initially intended to let people know what they experienced in middle school. However, as they continued to write stuff about things that happened in the school Mingyu went to, the idol was added into the situation. Mingyu acknowledged that he joked around with his classmates, but he had never intended to bully nor hurt someone.

Despite being proven innocent, Mingyu still apologized to the accuser for making them feel uncomfortable due to his actions. The accuser accepted his apology. PLEDIS Entertainment announced that they have also reached out to the other accusers and are looking to find ways to contact those who remain anonymous.

(Photo : Mingyu Instagram)

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Previously, a netizen on an online community forum claimed that Mingyu was part of an "iljin" group while in middle school. Mingyu was accused of bullying a student as well as being a bystander who watched and laughed as other people bullied her. Another accuser came out and accused the idol of sexual harassment.

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Mingyu is currently taking a break from group activities.

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