KeyEast Denies Claim That Former KARA Jiyoung Suffers From Harassment and Obsession of a Japanese Agency's President

According to the alleged insider, the female President of the Japanese agency even asked ex-KARA Jiyoung to have a bath together, which KeyEast refuted.

On April 1, a Japanese media outlet, Weekly Munchun, wrote an article with the title, "The reason why KARA Kang Jiyoung quit Sweet Power," which contains claims that Kang Jiyoung suffered from the excessive obsession of Okada, the female president of her Japanese agency Sweet Power ---- which became the reason why she also recently gave up her exclusive contract with them.

Former KARA Jiyoung is Allegedly a Victim of Sexual Harassment of a Japanese Agency Female President

According to insiders, the agency's president, Naomi Okada, was obsessed with Kang Jiyoung and is asking for more than an actor's relationship with the president.

A piece of unsettling information was also revealed, saying that the president would also say, "Let's take a bath together," to the singer-actress currently active in Japan.

Furthermore, it was also written how Okada would force Kang Jiyoung to not use the name KARA, and despite the female star's kindness, the agency's President continuously abused her by her demands until they reached an agreement to terminate the contract.

But this is not the conclusion as even after the end of the contract. Okada left Kang Jiyoung's photo on the website under the pretext of promoting a movie and ran a fan club, the Japanese media outlet claimed.

In particular, Sweet Power is a management company established in 1996 and has been joined by famous Japanese actresses. Kang Jiyoung, who had been working since 2014, terminated her contract last month.

According to the agency on March 9, "We and Kang Jiyoung have recently terminated our contract in Japan."

For seven years, Kang Jiyoung has appeared in various Japanese films, dramas, and stages as an artist belonging to the company, and has also performed as a singer under the name of "JY."

 Initially, Kang Jiyoung's side explained that the reason for the termination was to focus on her Korean activities in line with the pandemic.

"The global trend of Covid-19 continues to make it difficult to visit Japan," they added.

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KeyEast Entertainment Refuted the Claim that Kang Jiyoung was Harassed by the Japanese Agency's President

Meanwhile, Kang Jiyoung's Korean agency KeyEast denied the allegation, saying, "It is not true. Everything is false information and far fetched."

Kang Jiyoung, current singer-actress, is a former member of a quintet female group, KARA, in 2008. Upon their debut, the group rose to stardom, particularly in Korea and Japan. In 2019, Jiyoung signed with KeyEast.

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