From SNSD, 2PM to GOT7: Infinite Draws Attention Whether to Disband or Come Back After Some Members Left Group's Agency

Despite some members parting ways with their group's agency, SNSD, 2PM, and GOT7 are some of the representatives who continue to promote as a whole. Just then, Infinite also drew attention after Sung Kyu, Dong Woo and Sungyeol left Woollim.

In the past, the termination of exclusive contracts in the music industry directly led to the disbandment of the team. The members' departure from the agency was a declaration as well that the group sooner or later will be completely over.

Though groups such as Shinhwa, HIGHLIGHT, and g.o.d proved that a K-pop group could still promote as a group after leaving their agency, it's a rare scenario in the K-pop industry, as most of the time, scattered members in various agencies are left disbanding or being on an indefinite hiatus.

SNSD, 2PM, and GOT7: K-pop Groups That Didn't Disband Despite Members Left their Agency

But some groups conquered these tough times and proved that there's the so-called, "Seven-Year Curse" can be defeated.

The best example is GOT7. After a long discussion, there was a concern that GOT7 would also disband as it decided to leave JYP Entertainment without a renewal contract. The leader, JB, told worried fans, "I'm officially speaking, but we are not disbanding. GOT7 are not breaking up," he said firmly.

After withdrawal from JYP Entertainment, the members chose their different paths. Jinyoung chose to go to BH Entertainment, Youngjae signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency, the agency with which Jackson's "Team Wang" signed a business agreement, and Yugyeom reportedly chose AOMG.

 Their desire to stick together was attested by their released track "Encore" which contains the lyrics of their determination to continue their full-fledged activities even after choosing their own paths.

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Aside from GOT7, 2PM which is their senior group in JYP is also an example. Their member Taecyeon officially left the agency in 2018, and the worries that they might disband strengthen along with their five-year military hiatus. But previously, 2PM members are reportedly reuniting together for a comeback.

In addition to them, the Girls' Generation or SNSD is also expected to set a good precedent for the music industry. The members of the Girls' Generation gathered together every year on August 5, the debut day, and shared a good time. With the end of the exclusive contract period, nothing changed even after the members chose their respective agencies.

 In particular, this year, the story that Girls' Generation is preparing for a full group activity has been circulated, making fans happier.

Infinite Sung Jong and Woo Hyun are the Only Artists Under Woollim: is a Comeback Still Possible?

The interest for Infinite is indeed high. This is following Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, and Sungyeol officially ended their 11-year exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment---going after L's footstep of finding a new nest.

 Although a majority of the members have left Woollim Entertainment, the members' affection and faith for the team are still strong. This is why fans have high expectations that they will be able to see the entire INFINITE even after the end of the exclusive contract.

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