Apink Chorong Apologizes for Drinking Underage but Denies School Bullying Allegations

Following allegations that Apink leader Chorong was a bully during her school days and she drank underage, the idol has personally responded to the claims on her personal Instagram account. Keep on reading for all the details.

Apink's Chorong Apologizes for Drinking Underage + Denies School Violence Allegations

Following allegations that she was a bully during her youth and drank underage, Apink's Chorong shared a lengthy statement to her Instagram denying her school violence allegations but apologizing for drinking underage on Tuesday, Apr. 6. 

In her statement, she apologizes for causing people concern and acknowledges the pain she caused when it was discovered she consumed alcohol as a minor. 

While she apologizes for her wrongdoings during her youth and admits that there is no room for excuses, she reaffirms that she is not a perpetrator of school violence. Chorong reveals that the claims that she is a school bully started at the end of Feb. 2021 and persisted until now. The idol reveals that she had tried to resolve things with the accuser, A, amicably, but it ended up not working that way.

Chorong confesses that she has read the reports and interviews that A conducted. The "Mr. Chu" singer reveals that she is pained with what is happening, as she recalls being friends with the accuser from elementary to high school and that they would play together and spend time together. "I feel so awful to the point that I cannot express it," she says in her statement.

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Chorong stresses that she had never slapped A, which she addresses as Ms. Kim, and she had never stripped her off her clothing, nor committed any acts of violence against her.

To prove this, the idol says that she will prove her innocence through the testimony of those present at the time and through the transepts of her phone call with A.

The "I'm so sick" singer expressed sadness for wounding and disappointing the fans who have supported her for ten years since her debut. Chorong confesses that she felt scared of disappointing the fans who supported her or that they would believe the words and actions Chorong has said and done were insincere.

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The idol says she feels nothing but apologetic to fans, her label's staff, the Apink members, and all of the many people who have helped her. She begs for her fans' and the Apink members' forgiveness that this type of news had to break out during their 10th anniversary.

To end her apology, Chorong says, "I bow my head in sincere apology." 

Apink Chorong Accused of Underage Drinking

On Tuesday, Apr. 5, A had an interview with Sports Kyunghyang and provided photos of Chorong drinking underage. The photos were said to have been taken in 2008 when Chorong was a high school student. She is said to be 18 years old in the photo, which is a year younger than the legal drinking age in South Korea; you need to be 19 years old internationally to drink legally in South Korea.

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The photos were provided to A by an acquaintance of Chorong, who claims that even though Chorong was a minor, she would go out every weekend to drink with her friends. Underage drinking is highly looked down on in South Korea, making them appear immature and irresponsible. It also damages the reputations of small business owners. 

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Apink Chorong Suspected of Being a School Bully

In an interview with Sports Kyunhyabng, A, who says that she was classmates with Chorong in elementary school but went to a different high school, Chorong and her friends had group assaulted her. A claims that she had bumped into Chorong in a street alley and because Chorong did not like the way A looked at her, beat her up so badly that her body was covered in bruises and her face was swollen.

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A also says that she had attempted to contract PlayM Entertainment but was shrugged off as a prank call. A was able to get into contact with Chorong, who initially apologized and asked to meet up with A. However, in a second phone call, Chorong denied the claims she ever bullied her. A claims to have a recording of the first phone call.

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PlayM Entertainment has denied all the accusations, saying A is trying to smear Chorong's reputation with school violence accusations. They announced that they would be taking strict legal action against A. Previously, PlayM Entertainment stated they filed a lawsuit against A for spreading false rumors.

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