Korean Singer Accused of Plagiarizing SHINee’s ‘View’

South Korean singer Owlpemy is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing SHINee's 2015 release, "View." Keep on reading to learn more.

Did South Korean Singer Owlpemy Plagiarize SHINee's "View?"

Back in Feb. 2021, Owlpemy released the song "1 Hour." The song has an exciting beat and talks about how happy he is to meet someone and form memories with someone. The song also contains a message in which the singer promises to stop repeating the same mistakes and waiting for an hour in front of a lover's house. However, the song is currently under scrutiny for how much it sounds like SHINee's song "View."

After SHINee's "View" was re-visited in the SBS entertainment web show, "MMTG," fans have been listening to the 2015 hit once more. Listeners immediately noticed how similar the song sounded to "1 Hour" and accused Owlpemy of plagiarizing SHINee's track.

The parts before the chorus (the pre-chorus) are incredibly similar, if not precisely like SHINee's "View." While the melody of "1 Hour" does have some differences, the song sounds too much like "View" to be passed off as a coincidence.

Korean netizens were enraged after discovering how much "1 Hour" sounds like "View." Many people criticized Ownpemy for his choice, especially since the singer had previously worked as a producer at Brave Entertainment before branching off and pursuing his own musical career.

Many people stated that SHINee is the "Princes of K-Pop," meaning people would have immediately figured out that his song was "ripped off" from SHINee's "View." Others are stating that this cannot be considered an original song but a "badly sung version of 'VIEW.'"

Meanwhile, other netizens have stated that listening to Owlpemy's "1 Hour" has made them appreciate the quality and vocals of "View" even more. One netizen also noted that the singer is so unknown, SM Entertainment will most likely not even bother filing a lawsuit against him.

Owlpemy and SM Entertainment has not released a statement concerning the accusations.

Roomer Accused of Plagiarizing SHINee "1 of 1"

Owlpemy is not the first Korean singer to be accused of plagiarizing SHINee this week. On Apr. 5, Roomer was accused of plagiarizing SHINee's "1 of 1" for his song "242 (Shine) (feat. Lody, Oui)."

"242 (Shine) (feat. Lody, Oui)" was released on Mar. 12. When netizens played the song with "1 of 1" by SHINee, they noted that the melody and beat matched the similarities. K-Pop and SHINee stans also indicated that you do not need to listen closely to find the similarities; it is noticeable from the start.

Additionally, when SHINee released the song, they described "1 of 1" as "A New Jack swing genre song from the 90s that features a sophisticated expression of retro sensibility with funky rhythm and soft R&B melody in SHINee's own color." Roomer had also used this sentence to describe "242 (Shine)." just removing any references to SHINee.

While Roomer has denied these allegations, many are not buying it and are still accusing them of plagiarizing SHINee.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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