Kang Daniel, BTS Jimin, and More: These are the Most Popular Male Idols on Choeaedol for March 2021

On Tuesday, Apr. 12, the popular voting application, Choeaedol, released its K-pop boy group member rankings.

Want to know who made the top 20 and are the most popular male idols on the app for the month of Mar. 2021? Then keep on reading!

Kang Daniel is the Most Popular Male K-Pop Idol on Choeaedol for March 2021

The popular idol voting app Choeaedol recently unveiled their K-pop boy group member rankings. On the app, users who log in will receive hearts daily. With those hearts, they can vote for their favorite male or female idols. The male idol who received the most love on Mar. 2021 is Kang Daniel, who amassed a cumulative score of 2,981.

Kang Daniel
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On Jan. 15, Kang Daniel featured on the song "State of Wonder" by Inverness alongside Anthony Russo. It is the idol's first collaboration with Western artists. On Feb. 16, Kang Daniel released the digital single "Paranoia," which peaked at number two on the charts. Additionally, the song peaked at number five on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

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Kang Daniel featured on the YouTube original seven-episode documentary series, "K-Pop Evolution." The series premiered on Mar. 30. Kang Daniel will be making his comeback with his fourth mini-album, "Yellow," on Apr. 13. The mini-album will serve as the final installment of his three-part project, which aims to uncover his true colors as a solo artist.

Kang Daniel
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BTS's Jimin is the Second Most Popular Male K-Pop Idol on Choeaedol for March 2021

Coming in at second place is BTS member Jimin. The BTS member snagged a cumulative score of 2,955. As a solo act, Jimin's solo song has spent 53 weeks on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales Chart as of Mar. 2021. This is the 15th BTS song to spend a full year on the said charts. Jimin has also topped the brand reputation rankings for individual boy group idols for 27 consecutive months.

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On Mar. 4, 2021, BTS was named as IFPI's Global Recording Artist for 2020, making them the first non-English and the first Asian act to be given the title. The group also occupied three spots on IFPI's Global Album Sales Chart of 2021, with "Map of the Soul: 7" ranking at the top, "Be (Deluxe Edition)" at number two, and "Map of the Soul 7 — The Journey" at number eight. In the IFPI's Global Album All Format Chart, "Map of the Soul: 7" charted at the top, while "Be (Deluxe Edition)" sat at number four. "Dynamite" also charted at number ten of IFPI's Global Digital Single Chart of 2020.

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On Mar. 14, BTS performed "Dynamite" at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. They are the first Korean nominee to have their own Grammy performance and is BTS's third overall appearance at the Grammys.

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On Mar. 24, BTS appeared on the show "You Quiz on the Block." On Apr. 1, BTS dropped "Film Out."

These are the TOP 20 Male K-Pop Idols on Choeaedol for March 2021 (With Cumulative Scores)

1. Kang Daniel - 2,981

2. BTS's Jimin - 2,956

3. BTS's V - 2,909

4. BTS's Jin - 2,876

5. BTS's Jungkook - 2,876

6. BTS's J-Hope - 2,845

7. EXO's D.O. - 2,759

8. EXO's Baekhyun - 2,730

9. BTS's Suga - 2,695

10. Kim Wooseok - 2,680

11. Park Jihoon - 2,643

12. BTS's RM - 2,607

13. EXO's Chanyeol - 2,574

14. ENHYPEN's Ni-ki - 2,506

15. Kim Jaehwan - 2,506

16. AB6IX's Park Woojin - 2,476

17. MONSTA X's Shownu - 2,444

18. Ha Sungwoon - 2,436

19. WEi's Kim Yohan - 2,407

20. Lee Jinhyuk - 2,349

Did your favorite male idol make the top 20?

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