Kang Daniel Confesses He Was a Victim of School Bullying

Kang Daniel revealed that he was a victim of school bullying on the April 6 episode of KBS's "Problem Child in House."

These days, numerous K-pop idols and Korean actors and actresses have been accused of being perpetrators of school violence. In light of the recent bullying issues, the topic was brought up in the latest episode of KBS's "Problem Child in House," and there, Kang Daniel confessed that he was the receiving end of it.

Kang Daniel Revealed He Experienced School Bullying in His Elementary Days

On the April 6 episode of the Korean variety show, Kang Daniel sat down with Kim Yongman, Kim Seook, Jung Hyung Don, Song Euni, and Min Kyunghoon and talked about random topics.

At some point, they touched on the recent controversies involving several Korean celebrities - school bullying.

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During the discussions, they mentioned the application that was recently released in Korea to determine the seriousness of school violence. The platform is called the "bullying experience app," which the National Police Agency chose as educational material to keep track of the bullying incidents taking place in schools.

Kang Daniel commented, "When I heard the story of my close friend being a victim of school bullying in the past, I thought 'perpetrators are so mean.' But the problem is their parents don't know what they are doing. And because of their schemes, I can't even figure out how to resolve the problem."

The "PARANOIA" singer went on to confess that he was a victim of school bullying and shared his own experiences. Kang Daniel said that he transferred to different schools several times when he was still an elementary school student. "I experienced a lot of violence at that time," he revealed.

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The male idol then said that he thinks he was bullied for being a new student and that students didn't like his appearance. "It was a game for them," he continued, "There was one time when I was about to go to the fifth-grade building and I saw the perpetrators taking money from my friends. I got beaten up since I witnessed what they did."

Back in 2017, Kang Daniel unveiled the reason why he was frequently bullied in elementary school. He said that he was always harassed because other students see him as an ugly person.

Kang Daniel Gears Up for an April Comeback

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel's comeback is fast approaching. On April 7, he dropped the first music video teaser for his upcoming solo track "Antidote."

"Antidote" is the title track of his new mini-album titled "YELLOW." Apart from "Antidote," the album will also contain three more new songs as well as the pre-released single "PARANOIA," which is Kang's first entry on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

Kang Daniel's "YELLOW" album is the third part of his "color trilogy," after "CYAN" and "MAGENTA." The "color trilogy" project aimed to find his true colors as a solo artist. The album is set for release on April 13 at 6 p.m. KST.

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What kind of concept would you like to see for Kang Daniel's comeback this April? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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