Brave Girls' Agency to Produce a Song for Rookie Group BAE173

BAE173 will be releasing a song produced by Brave Girls' management company, Brave Entertainment. It will be a follow-up release after their second mini-album "Intersection: Trace."

BAE173 is a new K-pop group that debuted in November last year under Pocketdol Studio, a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment. The band is made up of nine members, namely Hangyul, Junseo, Yoojun, Doha, J-Min, Youngseo, Bit, Dohyon, and Muzin.

BAE173 to Release a Song Produced by Brave Girls' Company

On April 13, Sports Kyunghyang reported that an official from Pocketdol Studio told them that rookie group BAE173 is working on a new song with Brave Brothers, who will be responsible for producing the track. The representative added that the boy band will start recording the song soon.

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Brave Brothers is a Korean rapper and songwriter and record producer of Brave Entertainment, Brave Girls' management agency. He is also the founder of the company. Prior to establishing his own label, he became a composer and producer of YG Entertainment from 2004 to 2008.

Brave Brothers has produced numerous hit songs for different K-pop artists such as Sistar, 4Minute, BIGBANG, U-KISS, T-ara, After School, AOA, and more. He is also the one who wrote the lyrics for Brave Girls' "Rollin'," which recently became a hit in the K-pop industry.

BIGBANG's "Lies," AOA's "Miniskirt," Boyfriend's "Boyfriend," After School's "Diva," 4Minute's "Is It Poppin'?" BTOB's "Beep Beep," HyunA's "Ice Cream," Sistar's "Ma Boy," and Sunmi's "Full Moon" are just a few of the songs that Brave Brothers worked on.

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BAE173's upcoming release will be a follow-up song after their new mini-album titled "Intersection: Trace," which was released on April 8. The rookie group is currently promoting their new album with the title track "Loved You."

"Loved You" is an electronic dance track with an addictive melody, and it shows the unique charm of BAE173 members as well as their more mature appearance. The song's lyrics talk about a breakup and reveal that the love was genuine as the relationship kept going.

Since hitmaker Brave Brothers will be producing the follow-up song of BAE173, expectations are increasing on what kind of charm and concept the boy group will show through the upcoming track.

BAE173's Debut

The name BAE173 derives from the phrase "Before Anyone Else" and the number 173 embodies 1 as the number of perfection and 73 as a lucky number. The band name is pronounced by reading each letter and then numbers, "1,7, 3."

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Two of the BAE173 members were previously part of the disbanded project boy group, X1: Dohyon and Hangyul. They went on to debut as a duo called H&D in April 2020 before re-debuting as members of the boy group.

On Nov. 19, 2020, the nine trainees made their debut as BAE173 with the extended play (EP) "Intersection: Spark." The EP contains the title track "Crush on U." The music video for the song hit 10 million views in only six days of release.

On Nov. 29, the new K-pop group launched a follow-up track dedicated to their fans, titled "Every Little Thing is You." Member Dohyon was credited for participating in writing the song's lyrics.

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