BTS V, ASTRO Eunwoo, NCT Taeyong: SBS Reveals 'Top 5 Best Visual Center Idol' of K-pop

Who's the most handsome K-pop's visual center that you have ever seen? According to SBS, BTS V, ASTRO Eunwoo, and more topped this list!

On the recent episode of SBS Medianet's YouTube content, "Yo!Go!BoraGo," the Top 5 most handsome idols right now were determined.

Among numerous groups that possessed visually pleasing members, there are always these members that stand out the most for their beauty, like spring.

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SBS Medianet Highlighted BTS V as "K-pop's Representative Idol" for His Visual

In the episode, various clips of BTS V flaunting his effortless beauty were showed as he was introduced as an idol with a face considered as a national treasure.

The presenter said, "No matter what he does with his unique features and eyes, he always left fans' hearts fluttering."

In addition to this, BTS V also received several titles honoring his handsomeness, including winning "2021 Top Face Season 1" and "Most Handsome Man in the World"---proving his stunning look.

In fact, BTS V was always praised for his CG-like face, for its perfect ratio, which can be created only through a computer. Due to this, it's not a surprise that the male idol also got numerous fancams with the highest YouTube views.

On the other hand, the idol who is a role model for more than 60 K-pop idols is not only popular for his looks, but V was also praised for his incredible records as a singer, which includes topping 118 countries in iTunes Top Song Charts for hid self-composed track, " Sweet Night," an OST for the hit drama, "Itaewon Class."

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ASTRO Eunwoo, NCT Taeyong & More: SBS Medianet Dropped "5 Best Visual Center Idol" of K-pop

In the broadcast, BTS V was introduced first, but the Top 5 were actually revealed in no particular order.

Among these idols, ASTRO Eunwoo was also selected. The "True Beauty" star is popular for his striking visual and known for his modifier, "Face Genius." No doubt then that he was chosen by his co-K-pop idols as this year's "Most Handsome K-pop idol," not to mention that he's been getting the title for three consecutive years. According to celebrities, Eunwoo has perfect beauty.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN, a group comprised of "full-package" idols, Mingyu's presence and visual often shines the most. Among his top features, his long legs and eye-catching charisma are some of the reasons why fans can't stop loving him no matter what.

NCT's leader and center, Taeyong, was then introduced next! Though all members were gifted with exceptional looks, the group's light is not complete without the unique and strong aura of Taeyong. He has a visual that can capture anyone as he can be sexy, pure, cute, cool, bonus part that he's like a real-life anime character!

Lastly, NU'EST Minhyun's elegance and sophistication secured his spot among the top 5. Despite his cold visual, Minhyun actually got a warm heart and a person that every fan is grateful for.

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