Kang Daniel, BTS, and More: These are the Most Viewed K-Pop MVs for the 16th Week of 2021

On Tuesday, Apr. 20, K-Pop Radar released their "Weekly Top 10 Music Videos" for the 16th week of 2021.

Want to know which ten K-pop music videos were the most popular for the week? Then keep on reading!

Kang Daniel's "Antidote" is the Most-Watched K-Pop MV for the 16th Week of 2021

Topping K-Pop Radar's list is Kang Daniel for his music video of "Antidote."

From Apr. 11 to Apr. 17, the music video amassed 29,777,243. According to K-Pop Radar, the music video for "Antidote: surpassed 10 million views in the first 12 hours of its release, breaking Kang Daniel's past record of achieving 10 million views in 49 hours with "PARANOIA" in Feb. 2021.

According to the K-Pop fandom app, Blip, the number of views for Kang Daniel's "Antidote" music video increased by 1.843 million views every hour until midnight on the day of its release. On average, the music video was watched by 30,723 people every minute.

When talking about the music video for "Antidote," K-Pop Radar said, "Kang Daniel has once again grown since the release of 'PARANOIA.' The number of views he received has increased by 4.5 times in just two months."

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BTS's "Dynamite" is the Second Most-Watched K-Pop MV for the 16th Week of 2021

"Dynamite" was released on Aug. 2020 and, since then, has consistently appeared on K-Pop Radar's "Weekly Top 10 Music Videos."

On the 16th week of 2021, the music video for "Dynamite" amassed 20,933,370 new views.

Previously, BTS broke the record for the biggest music video premiere on YouTube and most viewed YouTube viewed in the first 24 hours, amassing 101.1 million views.

"Dynamite" is the fastest music video to surpass 200 million views and is the fastest music video by a group to surpass 400 million views. The music video is the fastest music video by an Asian act and a musical group to achieve 500 million views.

"Dynamite" is the fastest music video by a Korean artist to cross 600, 800, and 900 million views.

"Dynamite" is the also fastest music video by BTS to surpass one billion views. It is the fastest music video by a Korean artist to do so.

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These are the TOP 10 Most-Watched K-Pop Music Videos for the 16th Week of 2021

1. Kang Daniel - "Antidote" (29,777,243 new views)

2. BTS - "Dynamite" (20,933,370 new views)

3. SHINee - "Atlantis" (15,172,987 new views)

4. Rosé - "Gone" (12,500,989 new views)

5. BTS - "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" (7,649,333 new views)

6. BLACKPINK - "DDU-DU DDU-DU" (7,119,455 new views)

7. Rosé - "On the Ground" (6,961,027 new views)

8. BTS - "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) (Feat. Desiigner)" (6,724,252 new views)

9. BLACKPINK - "Kill This Love" (6,596,899 new views)

10. BLACKPINK - "How You Like That" (6,568,682 new views)

Did your favorite K-pop music video make it to this week's list?

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