UNIVERSE Slammed for Not Editing Soojin Out of (G)I-DLE MV Teaser

On Apr. 26 and Apr. 28, UNIVERSE released teasers for (G)I-DLE's new track "Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)." As soon as the music video teaser was released, people noticed how Soojin was still included in the teasers, upsetting many Korean viewers.

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(G)I-DLE Soojin Still Included in "Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)" Music Video Teasers

On Apr. 26 and Apr. 28, Warner Music Korean and UNIVERSE, a popular idol-fan interaction application, released the music video teasers for (G)I-DLE's "Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)." Previously, UNIVERSE stated that they would do their best to edit out Soojin from the music video, teasers, and other contents due to her ongoing school bullying controversy.

While it appears Soojin's solo shots were edited out and her appearance from group shots minimized, she is still seen in some dance scenes and during the scenes that show the backs of the six members. Soojin's appearance has since caused a backlash among Korean viewers. In the past, UNIVERSE has stated that they would try to edit out Soojin as much as possible, so people questioned why the idol was still seen in the video at all.

Many felt pity for (G)I-DLE as a whole, as none of the other members did anything wrong but continue to suffer due to Soojin's controversy. People are asking Soojin to leave the group for the sake of her members. Others have resorted to boycotting (G)I-DLE as a whole until CUBE Entertainment announces Soojin's withdrawal or termination of her contract.

Some had speculated if (G)I-DLE would continue focusing on their international fandom rather than their domestic fandom, as the international fans have shown more support for Soojin and the group as a whole amidst the scandal. Others are hoping that the other members, specifically Soyeon and Miyeon, pursue solo activities.

The music video for "Let's Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)" has since been released. Soojin has no individual scenes and has been edited out as much as possible from group scenes. She is still seen in some parts, such as full-group dance shots and full-group shots in the forest. Soojin also did not have any lines in the song.

Check out the music video here:

UNIVERSE Announces Soojin Will Be Edited Out of New Song and MV

Previously, on Apr. 18, UNIVERSE announced that due to Soojin's school violence controversy, they would edit Soojin out as much as possible for the contents of "Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)." The lines were redistributed and re-recorded by (G)I-DLE. Other contents, such as teasers, pictorials, and behind-the-scenes videos, were edited to show only Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

They also stated that the music video would be re-edited to minimize Soojin's appearance in the video. They could not refilm the music video due to financial issues and how their production staff had come from different partner companies.

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"Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)" is a special song for the K-pop fan platform, UNIVERSE.

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