GFRIEND, TWICE, and More: These are the K-Pop Girl Group Songs That Spent Over a Year in MelOn’s Weekly Chart Top 100

MelOn is South Korea's most prominent music subscription service. Due to the number of users it has in the country alone, MelOn is one of the most reliable to determine how famous an artist or song is. Want to know which K-pop girl group song spent more than a year inside the MelOn Weekly Chart Top 100? Then keep reading!

MelOn's Weekly Chart is based 40% on streaming and 60% on downloads for the song that week.

GFRIEND's "Me Gustas Tu" Spends More Than a Year Inside MelOn Weekly Chart Top 100

"Me Gustas Tu" was released on Jul. 23, 2015, and was well-loved for its innocent image yet powerful choreography.

While already receiving sizeable attention for a girl group from a small company, the song became viral in Sept. 2015 after a fan shared a fancam of GFRIEND performing the song on a slippery stage. This helped the song peaked at number eight on the Gaon Digital Chart.

The song has been streamed over 100 million times and has sold over two million digital copies in South Korea.

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In 2016, MelOn included "Me Gustas Tu" in its "MelOn Top100 Songs of the Decade Chart," where it ranked at number 59.

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"Me Gustas Tu" has been dubbed as the "2015 South Korea's National Anthem." The song received this nickname due to its impact on the Korean Wave and how it broke the barrier against the tension among North Koreans through music. It is considered GFRIEND's breakthrough track.

TWICE's "CHEER UP" Also Spends More Than a Year Inside MelOn Weekly Chart Top 100

Another girl group song that spent over a year inside MelOn's Weekly Chart Top 100 is TWICE's 2016 hit "CHEER UP."

The song is the best-performing single of 2016 in South Korea. It topped the Gaon Digital Chart upon release.

In the year it was released, "CHEER UP" accumulated 1,839,566 digital sales and 111,556,482 streams. By 2018, the song had 2,737,015 and over 160 million streams.

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"CHEER UP" won the "Best Song Award (Song of the Year" award at the 2016 MelOn Music Awards (MMAs). On the MelOn Charts, TWICE ranked at number five on the artists with the most number songs on the charts, with five songs have hit number one. They are tied for fifth place with Girls' Generation and SISTAR.

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These are the TOP 10 K-Pop Girl Group Songs That Spent Over a Year in MelOn's Weekly Chart Top 100

1. GFRIEND - "Me Gustas Tu"


3. BLACKPINK - "As If It's Your Last"

4. Red Velvet - "Red Flavor"

6. TWICE - "Dance The Night Away"


9. Oh My Girl - "NONSTOP"

10. Oh My Girl - "Dolphin"

Did your favorite girl group song make the top ten? Tell us in the comments below!

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