BTS, TWICE, and More: These are the K-Pop Artists That Earned New Gaon Certifications in April 2021

April 2021 was a great month for K-pop, with numerous artists releasing new songs and older tracks seeing a sudden revival on the charts.

Want to know which K-pop acts received new Gaon Certifications last month? Then keep on reading!

BTS's "Map of the Soul: Persona" Gets Certified 4x Million

BTS's Apr. 2019 mini-album, "Map of the Soul: Persona," was certified 4x million, officially selling over 4 million copies of the said album. This is BTS's second album to do so, with "Map of the Soul: 7" being their first album to do so. The latter album was certified 4x million by Gaon back on Apr. 9, 2020.

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

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BTS is the first K-pop artist to be awarded the 4x million certification and is the only K-pop artist to have had two albums receive the prestigious certification. This further solidifies BTS as the best-selling artist in South Korean history.

It is speculated that BTS's Nov. 2020 release, "Be," will be the next album to cross the 4 million sales mark. Back in Mar. 11, 2021, the album was certified 3x million. This makes it BTS's third most successful album. As it continues to sell copies around the world, it will most likely be certified 4x million very soon!

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

TWICE's "FANCY" Achieve Platinum Streaming Certification on Gaon

Among the songs that received new streaming certifications on Gaon, TWICE's Apr. 2019 release "FANCY" is one of the most notable. The song has surpassed 100,000,000 streams, earning the girl group a Platinum certification. In Japan, "FANCY" has a Gold certification, surpassing 50,000,000 streams in the country.

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

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Upon the release of "FANCY," the song peaked at number three on the Gaon Digital Charts and Billboard Korea's K-Pop Hot 100.

In the United States, "FANCY" peaked at number four on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

In Japan, the song peaked at the number for on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and number eighteen on the Oricon Digital Singles.

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

These are all the artists who gained new Gaon Certifications in April 2021:

Gaon Album Certifications:

*Note: Platinum = 250,000 copies sold

1. BTS - "Map of the Soul: Persona" (4x million)

2. Stray Kids - "Clé: Levanter" (Platinum)

3. ATEEZ - "ZERO : FEVER Part.2" (Platinum)

4. WayV - "Kick Back" (Platinum)

5. Rosé - "-R-" (Platinum)

6. Super Junior - "The Renaissance" (Platinum)

7. IU - "LILAC" (Platinum)

Gaon Streaming Certifications

*Note: Platinum = 100,000,000 streams

1. TWICE - "FANCY" (Platinum)

2. OVAN - "어떻게 지내 " (Platinum)

3. MC The Max - "처음처럼" (Platinum)

4. Hwasa - "Maria" (Platinum)

Did your favorite K-pop release get a certification from Gaon? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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