Jessi, AOA Seolhyun, and More: Korean Show Names Female Idols with the Hottest Bodies

In order to look good on camera, celebrities tried hard to maintain a slim figure. However, in recent years, people don't want to be just thin — they want to be healthy.

Compared to the slender physiques, figures with curves are attracting more attention.

Recently, the South Korean entertainment program "TMI News" selected the six female idols with the best figures, and all of them have flaunted physiques different than what was first pursued by the public in the past.

These idols are known for their healthy skin tones and toned physiques. Some have even stated that their figures lean towards Western or American beauty standards!

Want to know who made it to the list? Then read on!

Jessi is the Female Idol with The Hottest Body

The champion, occupying the top spot, is actually not a girl group idol. Instead, it is the fierce and chic rapper Jessi!

The Korean-American rapper is known for her fantastic body proportion, with her 24-inch waist and curvy figure!

The "NUNU NANA" singer is known to flaunt her chest and her hips confidently.

(Photo : Jessi Instagram)

Many years ago, Jessi revealed that she had undergone double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and a breast augmentation surgery, and netizens have used this to insult the idol for being "unnatural."

However, Jessi has slammed back against these haters. Jessi shows off her figure that she worked hard to achieve through exercise and healthy living on her social media.

It was once revealed that she trains 3 hours a day to maintain her stunning figure!

(Photo : Jessi Instagram)

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Jessi's figure leans towards the Western beauty standard, with wide hips and a tiny waist. Talk about steamy!

AOA's Seolhyun Ranks at Number Two Among Female Idols with the Hottest Bodies

After Jessi is none other than AOA's very own visual, Seolhyun!

Seolhyun has the kind of figure that most South Korean girls envy, with people believing she has curves in all the right places. When the idol first debuted, she stood at 167cm and weight 60kg, and the idol has openly confessed to struggling with her weight during her early AOA days.

(Photo : Seolhyun Instagram)

However, due to a diet change and more attention to exercise, Seolhyun was able to shed the baby fat and showed off upgraded visuals.

After seeing how her looks changed after losing weight, netizens agreed that sometimes, weight loss is more effective than plastic surgery!

(Photo : Seolhyun Instagram)

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In the past, "Seolhyun's Diet" started making its rounds on the internet, which claims the idol only eats sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, and eggs. Seolhyun has debunked all these diets, saying she eats in moderation and exercises a lot. She even stated that she likes fried sweet potatoes and fried chicken, just like everyone else!

These are the TOP SIX Female Idols With the Hottest Bodies, According to "TMI News"

1. Jessi

2. AOA's Seolhyun

3. Lee Hyori

4. Apink's Eunji

5. Hello Venus's Nara (Kwon Nara)

6. SISTAR's Soyou

7. Girl's Day's Hyeri

Did your favorite female idol make it to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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