BTS V Selected as the Male Idol Who Shows Love to His Parents the Most + See Full List

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In a poll that was recently conducted by Choeaedol, a popular idol voting app, BTS's V was selected as the male idol who shows love to his parents the most!

Want to know who else made it on the list? Then keep on reading to know more.

BTS V Selected as the Male Idol Who Shows Love to His Parents the Most

From May 4 to 7 the popular idol voting app, Choeaedol, conducted a poll titled "Which boy idol shows his love to parents the most?" as a commemoration for the upcoming Mother's Day, and had garnerned 55,850 participants.  

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Taking the number one spot as the male idol who shows love to his parents the most is BTS's V! In the poll, V took 34,172 of the votes, which is approximately 61 percent of the total votes. 

Throughout the years, the "Singularity" singer has openly shown his love for his parents in various interviews and broadcast - and doesn't shy away from doing so. In fact, V mentioned how he respects his dad and wants to be like him.

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When BTS made their appearance on tvN's entertainment program, "You Quiz on the Block," V expressed his infinite respect for his parents.

"I am a lot like my dad, so I want to resemble his personality. My dream is becoming like my dad," V said.

He also showed his love while appearing on KBS's "News 9," saying that he wanted to be a person like his father the most.

In 2020, V revealed that he made a song for his father in commemoration of Mother's Day during a V-Live broadcast, where he touched the hearts of millions of fans. 

In addition to being a fililal son, V's birthday wish when he was a child was that his parents and family continue to be in good health - which he has been wishing for for the past twenty years!

Whenever V shows his love for his parents, fans can't help but adore him more!

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These are the Top 50 Male Idols Who Show Love to Parents Most, According to Choeaedol:

1. BTS V

2. BTS Jimin

3. BTS Jungkook

4. BTS Jin

5. BTS J-Hope

6. BTS Suga


8. EXO Baekhyun

9. EXO D.O

10. EXO Sehun

11. EXO Chanyeol

12. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

13. EXO Kai

14. EXO Suho

15. EXO Lay

16. Super Junior Heechul

17. EXO Chen

18. EXO Xiumin

19. TXT Beomgyu

20. SHINee Taemin

21. Stray Kids Hyunjin

22. ENHYPEN Sunghoon

23. ENHYPEN Heesung

24. ENHYPEN Sunoo

25. WEi Kim Yohan

26. ENHYPEN Jungwon

27. NCT Taeyong

28. TXT Taehyun

29. Park Jihoon

30. ENHYPEN Jake

31. Kang Daniel

32. CIX Bae Jinyong

33. Kim Wooseok

34. ENHYPEN Ni-ki

35. Ong Seongwu

36. NU'EST Minhyun

37. AB6IX Daehwi


39. TREASURE Junkyu

40. TREASURE Haruto

41. Lee Eunsang


43. Hwang Chi Yeol

44. NCT Renjun

45. SF9 Rowoon

46. Jung Seunghwan

47. SECHSKIES Eun Jiwon

48. TREASURE Bang Yedam

49. TREASURE So Junghwan

50. CRAVITY Hyeongjun

Did your bias make it on the top 50? Tell us in the comments!

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