These are the K-Pop Songs Fans Think are Underrated

Every year, countless songs get released by numerous K-Pop groups and solo artists. While some songs get a lot of love and reach success, there are some that get left behind and are underappreciated.

With that, here are the K-Pop songs that fans think are underrated and deserve more love!

1. Weki Meki's "Picky Picky"

Released in May 2019, Weki Meki's "Picky Picky" didn't gain as much attention as it should have. "Picky Picky" was the lead single in the group's second single album, "Lock End LOL." The song features a funky style with a fast tempo and a cute and repetitive hook. The lyrics of "Picky Picky" are about knowing what you want in your day-to-day life.


WINNER's "SOSO" was released in October 2019 and was part of their third extended play, "Cross." Upon its release, the song didn't gain as much traction as compared to other songs of WINNER. "SOSO" is a mix of tropical groove and echoing, which later takes on a melancholic feel in its chorus.

3. MONSTA X's "Beautiful"

Released in March 2017, "Beautiful" was included in MONSTA X's "The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter," the group's first full-length album since their debut in 2015. "Beautiful" was produced by Galactika and featured lyrics written by Joohoney and I.M. The song was even performed by the group on Cartoon Network's "We Bare Bears"!

4. fromis_9's "Love Bomb"

fromis_9's "Love Bomb" was released back in October 2018, as part of the group's special single album, "From.9." This was the group's first song after Jang Gyuri returned to the group after being on Mnet's "Produce 48." They used the word "bomb" as a metaphor in their lyrics to portray its uniqueness, along with their voice. You will surely get addicted to the song!

5. OnlyOneOf's "dOra maar"

Released in January 2020, OnlyOneOf's "dOra maar" was also underrated, and sadly, didn't get its own music video. The song features a sexy downtempo vibe that has become something the group is known for in their songs.

6. Kang Daniel's "Touchin'"

Kang Daniel's "Touchin'," released in November 2019, is one of the most underrated songs by Kang Daniel. Described to have a motif of first encounters, the song has an '80s to '90s pop sound and features a mix of EDM, dance, rock, and a strong bass highlighted in the chorus.

7. Stray Kids' "Levanter"

Another underrated song that was released in December 2019 is Stray Kids' "Levanter" that was part of their sixth extended play, "Clé: Levanter." The song is about acceptance and knowing when to let go and start living or moving forward. Compared to the group's release before this song, "Levanter" features a more melodic and delicate feeling.

This is also the second song the group has released as an eight-member group, after Woojin departed from the group prior to the release of "Double Knot" in October 2019.

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Which K-Pop songs do you think are underrated?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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