BTS V Reveals How He Felt Being the 'Secret Member' + Gives Update on His Solo Mixtape

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V talks about being BTS's "secret member," and gives an update on his progress for his solo mixtape!

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BTS V Reveals How He Felt Being the "Secret Member" of the Group

On May 20, local time, American magazine, the Rolling Stone, published their interview with BTS's vocalist, V, online on their official website. In his interview, V talked about being a member of BTS to his own solo endeavor.

In one part of the interview, Rolling Stone asked V about his thoughts, feelings, and what it was like being the "secret member" of BTS. Prior to BTS's debut on June 13, 2013, V was kept secret and did not appear in any of BTS's vlogs and promotions until the last minute.

Recalling that time, V laughed and revealed that when they had told him that he was a "secret member," he thought he had been cut from the group's lineup. He was then asked if can laugh about it now or if the experience was still a bit traumatic for him.

V said that he can laugh about it now, as long as he can toss around their CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, and shake him around a little bit by his cuffs. "But yes, I can laugh about it," said V.

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In another interview, V had previously said that he didn't understand whatsoever why he was made a "secret member" of BTS, "Why did they do that? I really have no idea."

Bang Si Hyuk then explained that he was made a "secret member" to gain momentum for when they announce that the lineup for BTS has been completed. He added that since V had great charms in terms of his personality and visuals, he thought it would be more impactful if he was revealed last, which proved to be an effective strategy in forming BTS's overall image, as well as leaving a lasting impression on each of the seven members.

BTS V Gives an Update on His Solo Mixtape

During the interview, V also gave an update regarding the progress of his solo mixtape. Previously, V had revealed that he had been working on his mixtape that will feature 13 tracks in BTS's "BE-hind Story" teaser.

According to V, working on his own mixtape meant that he won't be working in a collaborative environment and that there is pressure for him to write lyrics, melodies and produce the tracks all on his own, as compared to when he is working with BTS where the load is distributed.

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However, he notes that was is good about this is that it gives him an opportunity to show others who he really is, and show the music of Kim Taehyung - V's real name - to ARMY.

Regarding the release date of the mixtape, V said that he is looking to release it by the end of this year. He added that with the pandemic, V had more time to do more production and go in-depth with his music. Previously, his melodies were not that intricate or complex, but now he was able to focus more energy on it, listen to more music, and think about things, V explained.

Because of that, V was able to really dive into producing music and create good melodies.

Check out V's full interview with Rolling Stone Magazine here.

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