MAMAMOO Solar’s Eating Habit Has Fans Both Impressed and Concerned

MAMAMOO member Solar uploaded a mukbang video to her YouTube channel, and one of her eating habits has fans both impressed and confused. Keep on reading for all the details!

MAMAMOO Solar's Odd Eating Habit Unveiled!

On Thursday, May 20, Solar uploaded a YouTube video to her personal channel, "solarsido," titled "Solar Eats | KFC scone, biscuit, whipped cream, strawberry milk, latte, strawberry jam Mukbang."

In the video, Solar eats various strawberry-themed snacks.

(Photo : 솔라시도 solarsido YouTube Channel)

In the video, Solar is seen dipping biscuits into whipped cream and munching on strawberries.

Seems innocent enough, right?

That is what people thought as well. However, fans noticed that she eats the whole thing when Solar eats strawberries, including the green leaves at the top!

In the video, Solar shows herself grabbing a handful of strawberries and throwing it into her mouth, eating the whole thing, including the green top.

(Photo : 솔라시도 solarsido YouTube Channel)

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The person behind the camera asked what everyone had in their heads: "Why did you not take off the top of the strawberry?"

Solar let out a laugh and replied that she found it annoying to take it off, so she chose to eat it instead!

Many wondered if it was safe for the idol to eat the tops of the strawberries and wondered about the potential health risks it could pose if not swallowed properly.

However, it is actually safe to eat the tops of the strawberry, and many food publications have stated that not only is it edible, but it is also healthy and flavorful!

(Photo : 솔라시도 solarsido YouTube Channel)

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Still, most of us are accustomed to remove to the top of strawberries, which is why so many were impressed with Solar eating the strawberry as a whole. People commented on how unique it was to see people eat the strawberry in such a way, while some commented that they too eat strawberries the same way Solar does.

How do you eat strawberries? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out Solar's video here:

Solar's Recent Activities

Solar, along with the other members of MAMAMOO, are preparing to release their eleventh mini-album, "WAW" in Jun. 2.

The mini-album is part of MAMAMOO's "2021 WAW (Where Are We)" project to commemorate the girl group's seventh anniversary.

The project includes not only the album but a summer concert and a documentary as well.

(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

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Solar made her solo debut on Apr. 23, 2020, with the single album "Spit it Out." The single album peaked at number two on the Gaon Digital Charts.

The title track, also titled "Spit it Out," peaked at number 71 on the Gaon Music Charts and at number 37 on the K-Pop Hot 100. On the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, it peaked at number six.

(Photo : Solar Instagram)

Solar won her first solo music show award on Apr. 28 on SBS MTV's "The Show."

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