WINNER's Yoon Reveals How He Would Propose to His Future Wife

Yoon shares how he would propose to his future wife and the extent of the age gap he's willing to date someone!

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WINNER's Yoon Reveals How He Would Propose to His Future Wife

On the May 26 episode of Mnet's news variety show, "TMI News," WINNER's leader, vocalist, and youngest member, Yoon, made a guest appearance, where he talked about various topics, such as his music and acting career, as well as his ideal type in a girl and marriage with the show's hosts, Jang Do Yeon and Jun Hyun Moo.

During their talk, Jang Do Yeon brought up the topic of the type of girls Yoon is interested in and asked whether the "Really Really" singer if he was fine with dating someone who is older than him.

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Yoon responds by revealing that he is not actually concerned about the person's age and that it's not something that he takes into consideration whenever he dates someone. He added that he is actually fine with dating someone who is twenty years older than he is.

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"I'm also fine with dating a girl who is younger than I am, as long as she isn't underaged," added Yoon.

Hosts Jang Do Yeon and Jun Hyun Moo were a bit surprised and continued on with the topic of marriage. Asking about his thoughts on marriage, Yoon shares his hopes of having a small wedding - which is his dream wedding - as opposed to a big wedding with a lot of guests.

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"I just want my family and close friends invited [to the wedding]," Yoon explained.

Yoon was also asked about how he wanted to propose to his future wife and if there's a way he would do it. "I want to do it in a really casual manner, like just in our everyday life," Yoon responded.

Jang Do Yeon, wanting a bit more clarification, gave an example of Yoon just asking his girlfriend, "Hey, do you want to get married?" while the couple is having stir-fry food together. Yoon, laughing at Jang Do Yeon's example, confirmed that his proposal would be something similar to that.

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Meanwhile, Yoon made his return as a solo singer with his first full album, "PAGE," with the title track "IYAH" on March 29. "IYAH" tackles the pressure of growing up and having more responsibilities. Subsequently, after the album's release, "PAGE" took the top spot in iTunes Top Albums chart in 18 regions worldwide.

Listen to "IYAH" here:

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