aespa, STAYC, and ITZY are the Only Fourth-Generation Groups to Enter the Top 15 of MelOn Chart for the Last Week of May 2021

On June 2, MelOn Chart revealed the rankings for the last week of May this year. Inside the top 15, only three fourth-generation groups - aespa, STAYC, and ITZY - entered. These three rookies join some of the biggest K-pop artists in the top 15 of the chart.

Is It Hard to Enter the MelOn Chart?

MelOn is an exclusive streaming platform in South Korea, where songs released by Korean artists don't always chart in as the site is being used by the general public. This means, not only K-pop fans use it but also those who listen to Western music and original soundtracks.

When a K-pop song is dropped on MelOn, non-K-pop fans won't listen to it. Hence, other tracks that gain the most listeners will push the K-pop song down on the chart.

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aespa, STAYC, ITZY
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But if a K-pop song enters the MelOn chart, it can either mean that they have a big fandom in Korea or the artist has attracted more non-K-pop fans.

With rookie groups like aespa, STAYC, and ITZY entering the top 15 of the chart, this could mean that these fourth-generation groups have captured the attention of most MelOn users with their new releases.

aespa's "Next Level" is the Highest-Ranking Song by a Fourth-Generation Group on Top 15 of MelOn Chart

For the last week of May 2021 (May 24 to 30), "Next Level" by aespa climbed to No. 6 on the MelOn Chart after being at No. 10 on the previous week (May 17 to 23).

"Next Level" is the highest-charting song by a fourth-generation group on MelOn inside the Top 15. Additionally, it is the only single by a rookie group inside the Top 10 of the chart, joining some of the biggest acts in K-pop like BTS, IU, and Brave Girls.

On May 31, "Next Level" was the most popular keyword on MelOn among the K-pop girl group songs. It was also the third-most-searched term overall on that day.

STAYC's "ASAP" is the Second-Highest-Ranking Song by a Fourth-Generation Group on MelOn Chart Top 15

"ASAP" by STAYC took the No. 13 spot on MelOn Chart for the last week of May 2021. This the second-highest rank among the tracks by fourth-generation groups inside the Top 15.

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STAYC's "ASAP" jumped five places from No. 18 to No. 13 within a week, showing a significant increase in listeners on MelOn.

The "STAYDOM" album by STAYC has also entered MelOn's Weekly Album Chart for the week of May 24 to 30. It landed at No. 16, the last entry of a girl group inside the Top 20 of the chart.

ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning" is the Last Song by a Fourth-Generation Group inside the Top 15 of MelOn Chart

Lastly, "Mafia in the Morning" by ITZY sits at No. 15 on MelOn's weekly chart for the last week of May 2021. Although the song fell by three spots, it is still a big achievement for the group to stay on the MelOn chart for more than one week.

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Moreover, ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning" ranked first on MelOn's weekly Rap/Hip Hop chart for the week of May 24 to 30.

These are the songs inside the Top 15 of MelOn's Weekly Chart for the Last Week of May 2021:

  1. BTS - "Butter"
  2. Oh My Girl - "Dun Dun Dance"
  3. Justin Bieber - "Peaches" (feat. Daniel Caesar)
  4. Heize - "HAPPEN"
  5. Brave Girls - "Rollin'"
  6. aespa - "Next Level"
  7. IU - "LILAC"
  8. MSG Wannabe Top 8 - "Journey to Atlantis"
  9. Brave Girls - "We Ride"
  10. IU - "Celebrity"
  11. BTS - "Dynamite"
  12. SG Wannabe - "Timeless"
  13. STAYC - "ASAP"
  14. LABOUM - "Journey to Atlantis"
  15. ITZY - "Mafia in the Morning"

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