BLACKPINK Jennie Comments on Lee Young Ji’s Post Concerning Poser Account Messaging Her

(Photo : Lee Young Ji Instagram)

Lee Young Ji recently shared an Instagram DM or someone pretending to be BLACKPINK member Jennie to her Instagram account. To everyone's surprise, the real Jennie made an appearance in her comment section!

BLACKPINK Jennie Comments on Lee Young Ji's Post About Someone Pretending to be Her

On Jun. 4, Lee Young Ji took to her Instagram account to share screenshots from her DMs (direct messages). Someone had pretended to be BLACKPINK Jennie and messaged Lee Young Ji, saying that they were Jennie and asking to meet up if they had the time.

At first glance, people may be fooled over the similar username and how the account has the same profile picture as Jennie's actual account.

However, upon further inspection, the user name is different. Jennie's Instagram account is @jennierubyjane, while the account that messaged Lee Young Ji is @jennierubyiena.

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Additionally, the fake account does not have the signature blue check to show they are verified. The poser account also has 29 followers and 44 posts, while Jennie has 46.1 million followers and 746 posts.

Lee Young Ji was not fooled. She shared the screenshots to her Instagram account with the caption, "HAHAHA This is the most ridiculous DM I have received in 2021."

Everyone laughed along in the comments section, pointing out how obviously fake the account is.

To everyone's surprise, Jennie herself made an appearance in the comment section! Under Lee Young Ji's post, Jennie commented, "Hello ~ I am Jennie." Her comment also includes a star emoji.

(Photo : Lee Young Ji Instagram)

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Fans immediately knew this comment was the real deal, thanks to the blue verification tick and her millions of followers! They quickly replied to Jennie's comment and liked it. With 87,648 likes, Jennie's comment is the top one under Lee Young Ji's post.

It seems like a friendship is going to bloom soon! What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below!

BLACKPINK Jennie's Recent Activities

Jennie was announced as the face of Calvin Klein's 2021 Spring Collection, "Drop 02," on May 18. This collection is made in collaboration with Heron Preston.

(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

On Feb. 19, it was announced that Jennie became a fashion editor for Vogue Korea's March issue. The magazine revealed that she took part in planning the photoshoots, picking out the concept, hair and make-up drafts, and styling.

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Jennie was named the face of Chum Churum, a soju brand under Lotte Corporation that same month. The soju brand unveiled promotional material of the "SOLO" singer on Feb. 10. In March, Jennie was announced as the new model of Kwangdong Vita500, one of Korea's most popular vitamin drink brands.

In Apr. 2021, Jennie was revealed as the new brand model for Dashing Diva.

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