Vietnamese Singers Under Fire for Plagiarizing BTS’ ‘Life Goes On’

Vietnamese singers Anh Rong & Hoon are under fire for allegedly plagiarizing BTS's hit single "Life Goes On."

Vietnamese Singers Slammed for Plagiarizing BTS's 'Life Goes On

On Tuesday, Jun. 22, Vietnamese singers Ahn Rong & Hoon released the music video for their song "Will Stop Waiting" (direct English translation; Vietnamese title is "Sẽ Thôi Mong Chờ").

Upon its release, the song was slammed for being plagiarized from BTS's Nov. 2020 release, "Life Goes On."

ARMYs immediately noticed uncanny similarities between the two songs. They believed the chorus and the rap portions of the song were direct copies from "Life Goes On."

Soon, fans created videos comparing the two songs and their melodies, and people agreed that it was too similar to just be a coincidence.

Vietnamese fan pages for BTS soon released statements, calling for Vietnamese ARMYs to mass email a copyright complaint to HYBE Corporation. The BTS fan base thought this was the most logical and forceful way to get Ahn Rong & Hoon to realize their wrongdoings — by having the South Korean entertainment company intervene.

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Soon, they sent emails to HYBE, informing the label that male singers in Vietnam released a song titled "Will Be Waiting" and that the melody of the chorus and rap were the same.

They added that the music video for the Vietnamese song was on YouTube and asked the company to check and take action against Ahn Rong & Hoon to clarify the issue.

Further, fans are asking the company to release a statement stating if it was an infringement of copyright or just a coincidence.

Vietnamese Sings Apologize for Plagiarizing BTS' "Life Goes On" + Deletes Music Video from YouTube

Following backlash from social media users, Ahn Rong & Hoon deleted the music video for "Will Be Waiting" on the morning of Wednesday, Jun. 23. Due to the overwhelming amount of dislikes and hate comments the artists received, Ahn Rong took to social media to release a statement at noon on the same day.

He first apologizes to both his fans and BTS fans for disappointing them. He states that he often listens to BTS and learns from them, but he had not realized that he and Hoon's song was so similar to "Life Goes On."

However, after being reprimanded by his management company, he realized he was wrong.

He said that this event serves as a lesson for him and Hoon, and he will definitely not make this mistake again. He informs his fans that he has deleted the music video on YouTube and asks people to forgive both him and Hoon.

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However, his apology was not enough to calm down the anger of Vietnamese BTS fans, who believe he should have issued a personal apology to BTS rather than the listeners. Others told the Vietnamese singer to retire or that they wished the company would sue him for this blunder.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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