Top 10 Most Iconic K-Pop Songs to Beat the Summer Heat — Which is Your Favorite?

f(x), Red Velvet
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f(x), SHINee, SISTAR, Red Velvet - These are some of the groups who first come to mind once we hear the word "summer." With this, Yes24 picked the most iconic 10 K-pop songs that you should listen to in the upcoming heatwave!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, traveling and basking on the beach seem to be a wishful thinking.

But fret not, chingus! One way to enjoy this season is for you to grab your phone and stream refreshing songs to melt the heat of the sun.

Without further ado, check out Yes24's 10 representative summer songs by idol singers for your mental rest this summer!

f(x) - "Hot Summer" (2011)

f(x)'s "Hot Summer" is the best song to describe the summer heat. The MV shows the daily lives of people trapped in classrooms, offices, and rooms and overcoming the hotness of the season itself.

If you've been a K-pop fan for a long time, you surely knows that this bop is has that addictive, eponymous line, "Hot Summer," which repeats a dozen of times throughout the song.

Even after 10 years, its lyrics are still confusing and controversial. But on a positive note, it is one of the reasons why you just can't stop listening to it!

SISTAR - "Loving U" (2012)

What is summer without SISTAR? The group was the first one to occupy a season over the years with their songs, if ever you aren't aware.

"Loving U" showcased the fresh feeling of whirlwind summer romance. From the members' "body goals" figures to their incredible vocals to their sexy dance moves, summer is definitely not complete without the OG "Summer Queens" SISTAR!

SHINee - "View" (2015)

What even is summer without SHINee's "View"? The track is reminiscent of SHINee's color - aqua pearl green. When the song was released, it broke the stereotype of summer songs that should be exciting and cheerful while pursuing simplicity as a deep house genre that was unfamiliar to K-pop at that time.

In particular, it doesn't have a clear storyline and climax, which may cause boredom to those who are used to hearing high notes in a K-pop song. But thanks to Jonghyun's, who wrote the lyrics, language play and the members' vocals, it gives off a subtle sense of refreshment.

There are many summer songs, but "View" is considered the most sophisticated idol summer song and SHINee's representative song.

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Taeyeon - "Why" (2016)

"Why" neither gives off a passionate or cool sound, but it conveys a refreshing melody and tropical rhythm. With Taeyeon's vocal power, it expresses comfort and courage for those who are worried about escaping their daily lives.

It may not be one of Taeyeon's most popular songs, but newcomers should indeed give it a try.

GFRIEND - "Navillera" (2016)

The first freewheeling summer hit by the girls who graduated from school - "Navillera"!

GFRIEND's "Navillera" MV is like a film about the summer of youth. It includes scenes of leaving the school, going out with friends, and enjoying a pool villa party altogether.

If you miss hanging out with your friends, this will give you nostalgic feelings.

Red Velvet - "Red Flavor" (2017)

It is no exaggeration to say that the "National Anthem" of summer songs since 2017 is "Red Flavor."

In summer, "Red Flavor" is constantly played on TV programs and is so symbolic that it is the easiest summer song to think of for the younger generation.

You can say that SISTAR unofficially passed the baton to Red Velvet as "Summer Queens." If you can't get enough of "Red Flavor," their other tracks "Power Up" and "Umpah Umpah" will surely give you the fruity vibe that only Red Velvet can slay!

Winner - "Island" (2017)

The true value of summer songs appears when you hear them under the scorching sun right now, and they portray you enjoying a vacation on the beach in Hawaii.

"Island," which represents WINNER's freshness, allows listeners to travel to vacation spots in their rooms with cool tropical house rhythms.

Just driving on the road with "Island" gives you a little bit of a sense of vacation.

TWICE - "Dance the Night Away" (2018)

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TWICE's refreshing image, plus this summer song of theirs are a perfect combination to beat the heat!

TWICE's "Dance the Night Away" is full of bright energy, featuring a dance festival on the beach on a midsummer night. They also featured ethnic costumes from vacation spots, dynamic choreography as if running around the sandy beach with bare feet, and clear and cool vocals from the members.

You wanna talk about summer? TWICE can't be left out!

SEVENTEEN - "Oh My!" (2018)

If SHINee is the representative "Refreshing Idols" of the second-generation boy group, SEVENTEEN is in the third generation.

Actually, the 13-member group has a lot of iconic tracks, including "Pretty U," "Mansae," and "Adore U," but "Oh My!" is their summer representative song.

In the MV, they captured K-pop fans' interest with their cheerful energy that's soothing to listen to in the scorching sun.

OH MY GIRL - "Dolphin" (2020)

Despite the song being released in the spring season, "Dolphin" became popular in the summer. It will indeed remind you of the sea as the song created a wave-like summer sea squirt with the members' refreshing vocals as they sing the iconic line "da da da da da da".

This is not a song that is directly aimed at summer, but it gained massive love from the mainstream listeners during the season.

Which K-pop summer song is your favorite? Do you know other summer K-songs in mind? Tell us in the comments!

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