NCT Taeil and Mark Praised by Former Idol Manager for Stable Live Vocals

In an interview with a former idol manager uploaded to the "Doyouram - Everyday K-Culture" YouTube channel, NCT members Mark and Taeil were praised for their stable live vocals.

Keep on reading to see what he had to say about the two!

Former Idol Manager Praises NCT Taeil and Mark for Stable Live Vocals

On June 26, a video titled "Former idol manager's backstories about idols (TWICE, NCT, ITZY, etc.)" was shared on the "Doyouram - Everyday K-Culture" YouTube channel. The channel interviewed a former idol manager named Nam Yoon Jae from "S" Company, which he says is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the country.

During the interview, Nam Yoon Jae was asked which idols, in particular, sounded incredible during live performances.

Without skipping a beat, the former idol manager stated, "NCT member Taeil is an amazing singer."

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He noted that when people sing and dance at the same time, it is hard to keep your voice nice and stable, as you are often trying to catch your breath. However, that is not a problem for Taeil.

According to the former idol manager, Taeil's voice was always clean. Even when he has to sign high notes, Taeil sounded stable and comfortable.

He then mentions another NCT member — Mark! "He is a great rapper," gushed Nam Yoon Jae during the interview.

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While the former idol manager notes that nowadays, all idols are talented in both dancing and singing, Mark was another level. He claims that the Canadian-born K-pop idol can even participate in "Show Me The Money!" Nam Yoon Jae stated, "Seriously... He is THAT good!"

As the idol has already participated in the first season of Mnet's "High School Rapper," perhaps seeing him in "Show Me The Money" is not such a far cry after all!

Watch the interview here!

Former Idol Manager Claims NCT is the Most Handsome Boy Group + WayV Ten is the Most Handsome Member

Earlier in the video, Nam Yoon Jae was asked to pick the most visually stunning idols in real life. After naming numerous female idols — TWICE, TWICE's Tzuyu, ITZY's Yuna, and CLC's Yeeun — the former idol manager was asked to name male idols as well.

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

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The former idol manager then chose NCT as the most visually stunning male group, saying that all the members are good-looking. However, as he did not specify a specific NCT sub-unit (NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, or WayV), it is safe to assume he means NCT as a collective whole.

(Photo : NCT Twitter)

When asked to pick one specific NCT member who stands out the most, he chose WayV and SuperM member Ten!

(Photo : Ten Instagram)

He stated that Ten is a member who looks cute off-stage, but once he is on-stage and dancing passionately, he looks so cool!

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