Former Idol Manager Names TWICE as the Most Beautiful Girl Group + Tzuyu is the Top Female Visual

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YouTube channel "Doyouram - Everyday K-Culture" recently uploaded an interview with a former idol manager. There, the former manager revealed that TWICE is the most beautiful girl group in real life, with Tzuyu being the prettiest. Keep on reading to see what he has to say!

Former Idol Manager Selects TWICE as the Most Beautiful Girl Group

On Sunday, June 26, "Doyourarm - Everyday K-Culture" uploaded a video titled "Former idol manager's backstories about idols (TWICE, NCT, ITZY, etc.)." The channel interview a former idol manager named Nam Yoon Jae, who previously worked at one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea.

Though he did not mention the specific name, he stated he was from "S" Company.

During the interview, he was asked which idols he has seen in person. The male then revealed that he has since almost every idol. As he attends music show broadcasts with his artists, he comes across every idol promoting at the time and often crosses paths with them.

Nam Yoon Jae was then asked which idols were the most visually stunning. Without skipping a beat, he stated that it was TWICE.

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The former idol manager stated that managers work extremely hard and are always tired of overwork and sleep. Because of that, no one really cares when an idol passes them by. TWICE was different, however.

He stated that every time he saw the girl group, he would think, "Wow, they are so pretty." Nam Yoon Jae went on to say that TWICE motivated him to push himself more and continue to work hard.

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Former Idol Manager Selects Tzuyu as the Most Beautiful TWICE Member

After asking which idols were the most visually stunning, the interviewer then asked Nam Yoon Jae which TWICE member he found the prettiest. He then stated that in 2016, Tzuyu was always number one in his heart.

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As time went on, however, he started noticing that the other members of the group were also really pretty, so his pick kept on changing. Still, his heart eventually stayed loyal to Tzuyu, and he picks the Taiwanese idol as the most stunning member of the JYP Entertainment girl group.

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Former Idol Manager Names Other Female Idols He Finds Visually Attractive

Other than TWICE, the former idol manager states that he found the members of ITZY pretty as well. He specifically compliments Yuna when she had red hair. He said that seeing ITZY gave him the same healing feeling that he got from TWICE.

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Another idol that was mentioned was Yeeun from CLC. During their "Black Dress" era, he saw the girls and said that Yeeun looked stunning with her bob-cut and all-black outfit.

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Which female idol do you think is the most visually stunning? Tell us in the comments below!

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