IU's 'Epilogue,' SHINee's 'Kiss Kiss': Lyricist Selects K-pop Songs with Best Lyrics for First Half of 2021

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Which K-pop songs have the best lyrics this 2021 so far? According to Sweet Tune's lyricist Lee Hyung Seok, IU's "Epilogue," SHINee's "Kiss Kiss," and more came out the most impressive. Read on to know why! 

On July 4, Korean news outlet X-Sports News decided to ask experts which songs among numerous releases this year stand out the most in terms of its lyrics.

The first expert that they interviewed was Sweet Tune's lyricist Lee Hyung Seok, who is known for writing the lyrics of Lovelyz's "That Day" and Golden Child's "LADY."

SHINee "Kiss Kiss" Selected as No. 1 for K-pop Songs with Best Lyrics

IU's 'Epilogue,' SHINee's 'Kiss Kiss': Lyricist Selects K-pop Songs with Best Lyrics from First Half of 2021
(Photo : SHINee Instagram)

In the three songs listed by Lee, he chose SHINee's "Kiss Kiss," written by Danke of Lalala studio as No. 1.

He quoted lyrics from the song, "From now on, I'll count your eyelashes, feel the tremor, and after a short touch, I'll measure the speed of your breath."

Rather than saying the common phrases like, "I love you/I like you," Lee pointed out that the song expresses romantic feelings and moments using words that are "SHINee-like, so unique, refreshing, but skillful at the same time."

"Kiss Kiss" is a b-side by SHINee, released February 22. The song is part of their seventh full album, "Don't Call Me," which is the first album they released almost three years after military hiatus.

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IU's self-written Songs "Epilogue" and "Love Letter" for Jung Seung Hwan Enter Top 3 Songs with Best Lyrics

Following SHINee's "Kiss Kiss," IU's two self-written songs completed the top 3. Sitting on No. 2 is Jung Seung Hwan's "Love Letter," in which IU didn't only write the lyrics but also composed and helped in the arrangement of the whole song.

IU's 'Epilogue,' SHINee's 'Kiss Kiss': Lyricist Selects K-pop Songs with Best Lyrics from First Half of 2021
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From "long straight eyelashes," "lovely handwriting," and "terrible whistles that I used to sing to you," Lee Hyung Seok commended IU for her careful choice of words and sincere description of a face.

He highlighted that when you listen to the song, you can depict a movie-like scenario in your head due to its concrete description and narrative lyrics.

The lyricist also praised IU for creating such a beautiful song, which aside from using colorful techniques she used, the song became a masterpiece because of IU's unique sensibility in music.

Last but definitely not lease is IU's "Epilogue" from her fifth studio album, "LILAC." Prior to choosing the b-side, Lee praises the whole album which all contain impressive lyrics.

He said, "All the lyrics of the 10 songs in this album deserve to be cited as the best lyrics in the first half of the year."

However, he chose "Epilogue" as the song with the best lyrics in the album due to its clear description of the artist and person named "IU," the person's yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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