Super Junior Heechul’s Comments on Marriage Resurfaces Following Split with TWICE Momo

Following news that Super Junior Heechul and TWICE Momo have broken up, the male idol's remarks about marriage started to resurface.

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Super Junior Heechul's Thoughts On Marriage Resurfaces Following Breakup with TWICE Momo

On Thursday, July 8, news outlets reported that Super Junior Heechul and TWICE Momo have broken up after a year and six months of publicly dating.

After confirming with their artists, both Label SJ and JYP Entertainment have released a statement confirming the news.

Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)

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Following confirmation of their breakup, Heechul's comments about marriage have started to resurface.

Back in May 2021, MBN released a teaser video for their show "Falling for Korea — Transnational Couples." The staff is seen having a pre-meeting with the Super Junior member ahead of the show's first broadcast in the video.

There, the male idol candidly spoke about his views on marriage.

(Photo : MBN)

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When the production team asked Heechul about his views on marriage, Heechul took a moment to think of his answer before responding, "It seems the trend nowadays is not to get married."

(Photo : MBN)

It was his following comment that stirred attention. The male idol informed the production staff, "I too have no intention of getting married."

(Photo : MBN)

Heechul also gave more background on his views of love during the April 4 episode of "My Little Old Boy." During the program, he said that he had never felt the seriousness of a breakup even when he was young.

The idol explains that he always believed his life was not over just because of a break-up and knows that his life will continue. Thus, break-ups do not significantly affect Heechul.

(Photo : SBS)

He then goes on to say that if he has his computer, then the breakup will not affect him that much. As a game geek, the computer is what Heechul needs.

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TWICE Momo x Super Junior Heechul Split

On July 8, an entertainment official told Maeil Business Star Today that TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul have split after a year and six months of dating. According to the entertainment official, the two decided to end their relationship due to their busy schedules.

Heechul Momo
(Photo : Heechul Instagram)

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Following the report, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment announced that they were verifying the facts. Soon, both agencies confirmed that the two have recently split.

The two were revealed to have been dating back in January 1, 2020. They were previously embroiled in dating rumors back in August 2019, but it was initially denied by their companies.

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