Yuri Unveils Actress Lee Yeonhee Couldn't Join Girls' Generation - Here's Why

Girls' Generation Yuri disclosed the reason why actress Lee Yeonhee "couldn't" join as a member of Girls' Generation.

On July 11, a new video titled "Legendary Girls' Generation Member" was uploaded to Yuri's YouTube channel, "Yurihan TV."

Girls' Generation Yuri and Lee Yeonhee
(Photo : Lee Yeonhee Instagram)
(from left to right) Yuri and Lee Yeonhee

In the video, Girls' Generation members Yuri and Lee Yeonhee talked about various topics while cooking and later eating Beef Bourguignon.

Among the subjects, the "Gee" singer touched on is the reason why the "Phantom" actress was unable to be part of the legendary girl group, Girls' Generation.

Yuri Shares the Reason Why Lee Yeonhee "Couldn't" Join Girls' Generation

While cooking the French dish, Girls' Generation, Yuri, and Lee Yeonhee were asked by the staff how they become close.

The actress responded that they met each other as a trainee under SM Entertainment, which is also their current agency.

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Yeonhee added that she went to Japan for an audition, along with Girls' Generation Sooyoung. She explained that they participated in a group audition program at that time.

Lee Yeonhee
(Photo : Lee Yeonhee Instagram)

Since she goes way back with the Girls' Generation members, the "Miss Korea" actress said that she feels like they are her childhood friends.

Kwon Yuri, in fact, said that Lee Yeonhee kept playing with Girls' Generation back then. She went on to say that there is a myth about the actress at SM Entertainment.

This myth has something to do about the reason why Lee Yeonhee couldn't be a member of the Girls' Generation, despite her training alongside the current members.

Girls' Generation Yuri
(Photo : Girls' Generation Yuri Instagram)

While enjoying the Beef Bourguignon, Kwon Yuri went on to reveal the reason. She said that Yeonhee was not chosen to be part of the legendary girl group is because "she was way too pretty alone."

She continued that the actress stands out among girls who are already pretty.

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Girls' Generation member Yuri further stated that people said Lee Yeonhee would take all the attention if she would be part of a girl group. What's more, Lee could have become the leader of the group.

The actress then commented that she likes all the Girls' Generation members, however, if she became part of the group, she "might have not have succeeded." She explained that because of her personality, she thinks she is not fit to be part of an idol group.

Girls' Generation
(Photo : Girls' Generation Facebook)

To this, Kwon Yuri agreed and said, "I think so, too, because you're tougher than people think."

Even though she couldn't join Girls' Generation, which is now a legendary K-pop girl group, Lee Yeonhee has become a successful actress, appearing in various television series since 2004.

Watch the full video below!

Girls' Generation Yuri Sings OST for Her Drama, "Breakup Probation, A Week"

This year, Kwon Yuri lent her voice for the original soundtrack of the K-drama, "Breakup Probation, A Week," where she also played the main role, together with Hyun Woo.

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Titled "Time of the Time," the OST was dropped on Jan. 28. It is an acoustic ballad track that is delivered with Girls' Generation Yuri's soulful vocals, which are accompanied by melancholy acoustic music.

Listen to Yuri's "Time of the Time" below!

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