BTS Appointed as 'Special Presidential Envoy' by South Korean President Moon Jae In

BTS has been appointed by South Korean President Moon Jae In as a "Special Presidential Envoy."

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South Korean President Moon Jae In Appoints BTS as "Special Presidential Envoy"

On July 21, KST, a briefing was held by the Office of the President at the Blue House, in which Park Kyung Mi, the Presidential Spokesperson, announced that President Moon Jae In had appointed BTS as a "Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture."

As a "Special Presidential Envoy," BTS will be representing South Korea in upcoming major international conferences, including the upcoming 75th United Nations' General Assembly, to deliver a message of comfort and hope to young people around the world which will take place sometime in September.

In addition, BTS will be carrying out various activities to promote international cooperation to solve global issues such as environmental issues, poverty and inequality improvement, and respect for diversity.

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BTS gives a speech at the 73rd UN General Assembly in 2018

According to Presidential Spokesperson Park Kyung Mi "The appointment of a special envoy is part of a public diplomacy that seeks to broaden diplomatic horizons by gathering diplomatic capabilities. It will be carried out to enhance the image of the nation in leading [diplomatic] issues."

The appointment also seeks to raise awareness on global agendas, such as developing sustainability for future generations, as well as strengthening South Korea's diplomatic power around the world.

The Office of the President also mentioned the achievements of BTS' recent release, "Permission To Dance," which replaced their single "Butter" as the No.1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 this week.

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President Moon Jae In had stressed that the decision is more significant as the message of "Permission To Dance," which is about hope, and co-existence and harmony among the different races, is in line with South Korea's will to overcome the COVID-19 crisis through solidarity and cooperation with other countries.

Presidential Spokesperson Park Kyung Mi said, "The activities that BTS, which has been spreading hope and a positive energy to people around the world who have become exhausted from the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, will be carrying out as a 'Special Presidential Envoy' will greatly contribute to enhancing South Korea's national status as a leading country in the post-COVID-19 era. We are looking forward to it."

BTS Continues Advocacies With the United Nations

This isn't the first time that BTS will be giving a speech at the United Nations.

The seven-member group first gave a speech at the United Nations back in 2018, where they advocated for anti-violence against children and teenagers, self-love and solidarity among young people through the "Love Myself Campaign," which was launched in November 2017.

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BTS' most recent speech was in September 2020, where they continued their "Love Myself Campaign" and gave a speech of hope solidarity for the children and younger generation.

Meanwhile, as BTS continues their advocacies, the "Love Myself Campaign" has raised over $3 million USD worldwide.

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