Girls’ Generation to Reunite as Full Group for 'Yoo Quiz On The Block'

Girls' Generation
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If a veteran comeback was ever needed in K-Pop, it would be from the legendary Girls' Generation! Without a doubt, Girls' Generation are known for being one of the most important K-Pop girl groups who paved the way to fame for our favorite groups today!

From being one of the firsts to appear on radio broadcasts and TV performances in the USA, to topping the charts across the globe and being one of the first K-Pop groups to dominate YouTube with their most-played MV "Gee," the stellar success of Girls' Generation was infinite.


Sadly, back in 2014, Jessica had departed from the group due to conflict of schedules between her own business with fashion brand Blanc & Eclare and SM Entertainment's time schedule for the group.

Then, in 2017, other members had fulfilled their contracts and departed from the agency to continue their own solo activities, leaving behind only Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona who renewed their contracts on September 8 back in 2020.

Technically, the group is on an indefinite hiatus as other members focus on their careers, and the group is not considered to be disbanded or missing members (aside from Jessica).

Now, with their 14th anniversary on the way, the girls had announced that they will be back together on the stage once more for their appearance on "Yoo Quiz On The Block," leaving old-time K-Pop fans beyond excited!

A Korean outlet released an official statement, saying, "We are currently working out scheduling for Girls' Generation's full group appearance on 'Yoo Quiz.' The broadcast date for this episode is currently unconfirmed."

From happy to tears to disbelief, fans had flooded the comment boards and left words of encouragement as they await the appearance of Girls' Generation on the screen next month!

Are you looking forward to seeing the girls take the stage again? Which song do you think they will perform? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Girls Generation


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