6 Female K-Pop Idols Whose Amazing Vocals are Underutilized

Tiffany, Jeongyeon, Minzy
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Ever since the birth of K-Pop, we have witnessed tons of amazing singers, dancers, rappers, and overall performers, along with numerous bops to boot. However, there are times when an idol's amazing vocals are underutilized and are not given the chance to shine.

With that, here are six female K-Pop idols who have amazing vocals, but aren't utilized!

1. EXID's Hani

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Hani is the lead vocalist and dancer of EXID. Her vocals are rich and deep, which allows her to hit certain notes with a variety of tones. However, her voice is also underutilized when it comes to line distribution. She is often given given the high notes, which doesn't give her much room to use her normal vocal range and make her vocals shine.

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2. Lovelyz' Jiae

Lovelyz Jiae
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Jiae is the group's lead rapper, but when it comes to her singing voice, she has one of the most pleasant and relaxing vocals to listen to. However, she is often made to sing her lines in different keys, which can be far from her normal singing voice, making her vocals one of the most underutilized in the group.

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3. Girls' Generation's Tiffany

SNSD Tiffany
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Girls' Generation's lead vocalist, Tiffany, is know for her low and husky yet pink-like tone. Despite her natural voice, she is often made to sing lines in higher notes. Fans believe that when it comes to Tiffany's vocal colors, she is better suited for R&B and deep soul style music that can highlight her natural timbre.

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4. TWICE's Jeongyeon

TWICE Jeongyeon
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Although she is the group's lead vocalist, Jeongyeon's vocals doesn't get the chance to shine as much as we hoped as she isn't given much lines that highlight her voice - especially when you're in a nine-member group. But Jeongyeon is a skilled vocalist who has a distinct voice that she can control well and is very under-appreciated!

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5. EXID's Solji

EXID Solji
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Another EXID member whose vocals are underutilized is Solji. Solji is the main vocalist of the group and was a former vocal trainer - so that's saying a lot! She has one of the most powerful and big voices in the industry, she might even be on the road to becoming a legend. However, fans say she still hasn't been given that one song that could be her breakout.

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6. Minzy

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Minzy is also an amazing vocalist whose voice is light yet full. With a more mature voice, Minzy's vocal technique and breath control deserve credit. However, despite her amazing vocals, she hasn't been given a song that highlights her vocal strengths, according to fans.

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Which K-Pop idol do you think has an amazing voice but is underutilized?

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