These 10 K-Pop Songs Should Be Added to Your Back-To-School Playlist ASAP

With the back-to-school season around the corner, it is time to update your back-to-school playlists. So here are ten songs to add to get you ready for learning!

1. Stray Kids - "My Pace"

"My Pace" is a perfect song for students to remind themselves to follow their pace and that there is no need to rush. Do not compare yourselves to others and be patient; with hard work and perseverance, you can have the things you want in the future.

2. Red Velvet - "Power Up"

If you need a song to give you energy in the morning, Red Velvet's "Power Up" is there! The song talks about enjoying yourself whether you are playing or working. Who says studying has to be boring all the time? Power up!

3. LOONA - "Hi High"

"Hi High" is for the students who are experiencing their first young love and is teasing the object of her affections. The lyrics are simple and often relatable, with one notable line from the song being "Love is even more cruel than the college entrance exams!"

4. f(x) - "Rum Pum Pum Pum"

Though "Rum Pum Pum" is the English name of the song, the Korean name is "Cheat Sarangani," or "Wisdom Tooth." The title is a play on words, with it sounding close to the Korean word for "first love." For those who are experiencing first love, this song is for you!


Often time, we feel the need to blend in instead of standing out, especially in school. ITZY's "WANNABE" goes against that and encouraged people to find their individuality and that they do not need to fit a particular image nor be like anybody else. So, for those finding themselves, this song is for you!

6. PENTAGON - "Shine"

Another song that talks about love! "Shine" is sung from the male's perspective. According to the members, "Shine" is a song about having a crush on someone but not having the guts to confess to them. As students, this concept is oh, so relatable!

7. BTS - "DOPE"

 BTS's "DOPE" is a song that not only hypes you up but empowers you. The song talks about how hard the group worked to reach the top and commentary for how people call out millennials and Gen Z's for not working hard enough, condemning the adults that demean the younger generation.

8. HyunA - "I'm Not Cool"

HyunA's "I'm Not Cool" is another track to empower you. The song talks about not needing to fit in and that being you is enough to shine.

9. BLACKPINK Rosé - "On The Ground"

Students are often afraid of failure, whether it be failing a test or not achieving their dreams. However, failure is inevitable, as Rosé's "On The Ground" is the perfect song to keep you moving towards your goals. You may fail a couple of times, but never forget to channel your inner self and keep moving.

10. Jessi - "What Type of X"

The final song on the list is by Jessi! Jessi stated that she wants to tell people to be more confident and hope that they remember that being different is not wrong through this song. After all, if you do not love yourself, nobody will do so.

Which song on the list is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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