Famous Indian Media Outlet Selects Top 5 'Kings of K-Pop' 2021

Who are the "Kings of K-pop" this 2021? A popular Indian media outlet recently revealed the Top 5 best idols in the music industry, including EXO Kai, BTS J-Hope, SHINee Taemin, and more!

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : Kai, J-Hope, and Taemin (News1))

Recently, Sportkeeda, a popular global news website in India founded in 2009, listed their Top 5 "Kings of K-pop" this year.

As a result, top-tier K-pop male idols including BTS J-Hope, SHINee Taemin, EXO Kai, and more rose as the male idol who is leading the K-pop like "Kings" due to their high-quality attributes in all fields.

J.Y. Park Selected Named as No. 1 in 'Kings of K-pop' List by a Famous Indian Media Outlet

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : Park Jinyoung (News1))

JYP Entertainment founder, Park Jinyoung (also known as J.Y. Park and Asiansoul) was selected as the "King of K-pop" after receiving favorable reviews from the famous Indian media.

Prior to revealing the top 5, the outlet explained their basis for selecting the aforementioned idols to complete the list.

They said, "Considering the number of K-pop idols currently active or about to debut, it is not easy to be selected as the king of K-pop."

They went on by explaining that indeed, several idols are shining with specific skills in just one category. Then adding, "But some idols excel in more than one category, including rap, dance, vocal skills, charisma, and performance. They deserve to be called the kings of K-pop."

Sportskeeda continued that although Park Jinyoung is a controversial choice for some, the outlet gives credit to the idol and founder of one of the most successful labels, JYP Entertainment.

In particular, JYP Entertainment is home to top artists including 2PM, DAY6, TWICE, ITZY, Stray Kids, and more—who rose as some of the most popular groups in the K-pop scene.

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EXO Kai, BTS J-Hope, BIGBANG G-Dragon, and SHINee Taemin are 'Kings of K-pop" 2021

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : EXO Kai (News1))

Following Park Jinyoung, EXO Kai then secured his spot at No. 2, lauded for his outstanding performance as an idol and actor. After releasing his solo album, "KAI," the main dancer of EXO showcased that he is not incredible in terms of dancing but he also has a honey voice.

On top of being an idol, Kai also established himself as a good actor, notable for his role in "Choco Bank" and "Andante."

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : BTS J-Hope (News1))

J-Hope then sits at No. 3 in the rankings due to his "all-rounder" position, who flaunts excellence in both singing, dancing, rapping with his own groove and style.

The main dancer of the group then cemented his own name as a soloist after dropping his mixtape, "Hope World."

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : GD (News1))

Of course, the OG "King of K-pop" BIGBANG G-Dragon also entered the list at No. 4 despite no comeback and release this 2021. The outlet used the words, "full of energy," "class," "unique" and "idiosyncratic," to define G-Dragon's impeccable and irreplaceable artistry.

Last but not least, SHINee Taemin who is the who is also known as the"ace of aces" is the main dancer of SHINee who can also pass as the main vocals.

Famous Indian Media Selects Top 5 'Kings of  K-pop' 2021
(Photo : SHINee Taemin (News1))

With his 13 years of experience, Sportkeeda emphasized that "Kings of K-pop" is the same as the name, "Taemin," not to mention that he started his career at the young age of 14. Since then, he released numerous hit tracks, including, "Danger," "Move," and more.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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