CL Releases Charismatic Comeback Teaser video

(Photo : CL Twitter)

It has been announced in July that CL (former member of K-pop group 2NE1) will be returning to the K-pop scene soon!

CL Prepares for a Summer Comeback

Vericerry, a label that was established by CL, announced recently that CL is preparing a new song with plans of releasing it during the summer.

CL will relese a new song for the first time after over half a year since the single "Wish You Were Here."

(Photo : Twitter: @chaelinCL)

In 2020, CL released "+HWA+" and "+5STAR+" and later proved their peculiar music color.

But she did not stop there. She established the solo label Vericerry, making the foundation for full-fledged solo activities stronger.

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Before the upcoming comeback, CL signed a domestic management partnership with KONNECT Entertainment, Kang Daniel's agency, for the promotions of her upcoming album "ALPHA" for more activities in line within Korea.

Last July 10, CL stated that in order to actively promote the upcoming album "ALPHA" in Korea, she introduced her partnership with KONNECT Entertainment. The agency will be the one in charge of the "ALPHA" activity and domestic management with Vericerry.

With this partnership and upcoming comeback, the singer will also have more opportunities to get on stage for music shows.

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She added that figuring out how to communicate more with fans, she will be able to meet the fans with the team that is supporting her and Vericerry as it is. She continued that she is looking forward to it and will cooperate in different ways without limitations in the future.

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CL is preparing for her August comeback and aims to do a full-fledged promotion in Korea.

CL Activities Before Her Summer Comeback

In October 2020, CL dropped her double singles which made her position as a top solo singer stronger. Particularly the fact that this upcoming album will be her first full album that is getting a lot of attention.

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CL's Charismatic Comeback Teaser

Now, CL releases "Alpha" comeback teaser video with overflowing charisma
With this charismatic comeback teaser video, CL's fans are getting even more excited for her upcoming album.

Early in August 10, CL published a teaser video along with a new profile picture via its official SNS channels.

The said teaser video shows a close-up of CL in a black silhouette in contrast to a background of a volcano exploding red magma and a sound of a siren. After that, the first solo full-length album "ALPHA" and CL's logo can be seen and the teaser video ended with the phrase "COMING SOON".

(Photo : Twitter: @chaelinCL)

CL radiated overflowing charisma in the teaser without having to do any special movements.

In the recently changed profile picture together with the teaser video, the word "Alpha" is seen shining on the crossed palms that cover CL's face. This is an announcement that the "ALPHA" project, which has been taking a lot of time to prepare, will be launched soon.

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