Red Velvet Joy Talks About Her Iconic 'Peak-A-Boo' Era Look + 'Power' of Her Armpit

Who can even forget Red Velvet Joy's iconic rainbow dress during the "Peak-A-Boo" era? On the latest episode of "MMTG," the female idol talked about her legendary look that made the K-pop scene into a frenzy — as well as revealed the "power" of her armpit.

On the 12th, the YouTube channel "MMTG- Civilization Express" uploaded their latest episode featuring Red Velvet.

In the episode, MC JaeJae showed iconic memes and photos of members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri as they unveiled the story behind it.

During the broadcast then, Red Velvet's Joy's iconic look during the group's promotion for "Peak-A-Boo" in 2015 was brought back, where she even went viral for her rainbow dress.

Red Velvet Joy Selects 'Peak-A-Boo' as Her Most Iconic Era + Talks About the Charm of Her Armpit

When MC JaeJae asked Joy, "Is there a moment when each member said, 'I was really awesome at this time?"

The "Hello" singer cited the time when she was active in "Peek-A-Boo." JaeJae then showed the group Joy's photo wearing her legendary rainbow dress on stage.

In particular, Joy's viral era happened when Red Velvet released their second studio album, "Perfect Velvet," and its title track, "Peak-A-Boo."

Red Velvet Joy Talks About Her Iconic 'Peak-A-Boo' Era Look + 'Power' of Her Armpit
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy Iconic Rainbow dress (Twitter))

The members truly created buzz for their incredible outfits on every stage, but Joy suddenly went viral when a non-K-pop fan who watched Red Velvet come back stage for "Inkigayo" can't help but be amazed over the idol's visual.

As the netizen don't know her name, Joy gained the nickname "K-pop Girl in the Rainbow Dress." and eventually, it spread throughout the K-pop community.

When Joy saw her photo, she was shocked and exclaimed, "Oh my, what's with that armpit?" drawing laughter.

Red Velvet Joy Talks About Her Iconic 'Peak-A-Boo' Era Look + 'Power' of Her Armpit
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy Instagram)

The idol then suddenly talked about her pose exposing her flawless armpit saying, "But do you know what? If you raise your armpit, the picture comes out much better."

JaeJae, who was flustered by what she heard, asked Joy, "Why are you saying that all of a sudden?"

Joy then jokingly responded, "I think that kind of charm comes out of my armpits. Pheromones," adding, "One of the ways to appeal is to pretend to tie your hair and (raise your armpit)."

Red Velvet Joy Talks About Her Iconic 'Peak-A-Boo' Era Look + 'Power' of Her Armpit
(Photo : Red Velvet Instagram)

Seulgi, who was also surprised, said, "Does your armpit show your charm?" Joy then shook his head, saying, "Believe it or not," drawing more laughter.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet's new mini-album "Queendom" will be released on the 16th. "Queendom" contains the lyrics that we are all "Queen" of our lives and that we shine more beautifully together.

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Red Velvet Joy Selected as New Ambassador for Luxury Brand Tod's

For her proportioned body and "Miss Korea" visuals, Red Velvet Joy was the center of attraction of numerous brand deals.

On August 13, the Italian luxury fashion brand "Tod's" announced that Joy from Red Velvet –a singer and actor who represents K-pop – has been selected as their new ambassador of Korea.

Red Velvet Joy Talks About Her Iconic 'Peak-A-Boo' Era Look + 'Power' of Her Armpit
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy for Tod's (Twitter))

Joy will showcase a variety of activities with Tod's, and the brand's creative director Walter Chiapponi welcomed her by saying, "I'm happy to start my journey with Joy, who is full of young energy and sensual talent, and I'm looking forward to the various projects that will be presented with her personal sensibilities."

Joy, who is constantly showcasing her sophisticated fashion sense, then expressed her excitement by saying, "I'm happy to be an ambassador representing Tod's. I'm very excited and honored to be able to participate in various activities in the future."

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