K-Pop Hairstylists Reveal How Idols Decide on Their Hair Color

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Hairstylists who have worked with numerous popular K-Pop groups and idols reveal just how an idol decides on what their hair color will be for a comeback.

Curious to know how they decided on the hair color? Then keep on reading to find out!

K-Pop Hairstylists Reveal How Idols Decide on Their Hair Color

On August 15, the Youtube channel, Dare U Naeju, uploaded a Q&A video that answers several questions regarding idols' hair and bleaching that are sent in by viewers. The video features two hairstylists - the CEO of Bit & Boot and channel owner, Park Naeju, and hairstylist Hyein - who has worked with numerous popular K-Pop idols and groups such as BTS, NCT, MONSTA X, and many more.

Several viewers had asked the two stylists one of the most frequently asked questions regarding an idol's hair - how do idols decide on their hair color?

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TWICE Chaeyoung
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Park Naeju explains that companies usually have a visual director who decides on the visual concepts for the artists. For the hairstylists, they would first be given a concept board for makeup, hair, and outfits and get the overall concept of the album.

He also reveals that they get the demos of the group's songs, "We get the demos of the songs. After that, we decide on the appropriate look for the songs. We all get together to discuss things."

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During the discussion, they would discuss different aspects, such as who would look good in a certain color and what their outfits would be. "We create the overall framework," said Park Naeju.

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Do Idols Have a Say in Their Hairstyle?

When it comes to the idols sharing their own opinions regarding their hairstyle and hair color, the hairstylists explain that some don't have much of a say in it.

"For rookies who just made their debut, their opinions don't usually hold that much weight," said Park Naeju.

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They also reveal that it would take around two to three years or so before their opinions on their hair color would matter, as they believe that at that point, the idols would have seen themselves on screen a lot already and would know which hair color and style fans love.

"Their suggestions are taken into account with that of the visual director's vision. That's how it gets decided," adds Park Naeju.

The hairstylists also mention BTS and their hairstyles for their recent release, "Butter."

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BTS Jimin
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According to them, BTS' hairs weren't colored that much before "Butter." But for the album, a lot of the ideas of the seven-member group were used from the beginning. As BTS is already in the eighth year of their career, they have a lot more creative freedom than that of a group who just made their debut.

Whose hairstyle is your favorite?

Check out the full video here!

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