SM, YG, JYP, or HYBE? K-Pop Stylists Reveal Which Company Spends the Most Money on Outfits and More

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Stylists who have worked with popular K-Pop groups reveal which company usually spends the most money on stage outfits, and more.

Can you guess which entertainment company it is? Keep on reading to know!

SM, YG, JYPE, or HYBE? K-Pop Stylists Reveal Which Company Spends the Most Money on Stage Outfits

On August 13, Youtube channel, AYO, shared a new episode of "Comment Defenders" that features two stylists - Kim Tae Young, also known as Balko, and Lim Heon Soo - who have worked with popular K-Pop groups, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT, BIGBANG, SHINee Taemin, Park Jin Young, and more.

In this episode of "Comment Defenders," stylists Kim Tae Young and Lim Heon Soo answer some frequently asked questions regarding an idol's stage outfit.

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Stylist Kim Tae Young styled BLACKPINK's 'How You Like That' outfits

One question that an internet user asked was, between the "Big 4" companies - JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and HYBE - which among them usually spends the most money on stage outfits for their idols?

To this question, stylist Kim Tae Young immediately responded with, "I think YG Entertainment spends the most money."

She explains that SM Entertainment seems to put a lot of effort into stage outfits, but based on expense, YG Entertainment does the most customization in their outfits, such as cutting and gluing outfits.

Stylist Lim Heon Soo, who has worked with FNC Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and HYBE, adds that groups and solo artists have a similar amount of expenses when it comes to their stage outfits.

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Stylist Lim Heon Soo styled CRAVITY's stage outfits

However, some outfits would cost more depending on the amount of detail in an outfit.

"It's not that it gets more expensive just because there are more people [in the group]," adds Kim Tae Young.

She also reveals that YG Entertainment has the largest outfit collection in music videos, that's why she thinks they are the ones who spend the most on stage outfits.

Stylists Reveal the Reason Why Idols Wear Clothes by Fashion Designers

Another netizen asked about idols' outfits and how they always wear expensive clothes by fashion designers, when they can just wear clothes from the market.

Lim Heon Soo explains that if idols are buying clothes from luxury brands, having it customized is actually a cheaper option, though he didn't state just how much cheaper it actually is.

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(Photo : Facebook: BTS)
Stylist Kim Tae Young styled BTS' 'Festa' outfits

Stylists also take into consideration the reception of fans to outfits. "And if we just dress them up with regular clothes, fans get mad," said Kim Tae Young.

They also explain that in the past, stylists would design outfits and give them to a workshop who would produce it, and they would style the idols with it. But now, they ask professional designers to make it.

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"Each designer has their own identity, and they're competent. The quality gets better," said Kim Tae Young.

Stylists are also needed because they are able to recognize the talents of each designer and decide who will work the best with the team, such as designers are able to embody stories and such in outfits, and that they understand the concept of an album and are able to apply it in outfits.

Check out the full video here!

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