TWICE's 'Dance The Night Away' MV Exceeds 300 Million YouTube Views, 11th MV To Achieve The Milestone

As the 3rd generation K-Pop girl group TWICE prepares for the release of their upcoming full-english single "The Feels", they added another record to propel their global success.

TWICE dances the night away with 300 million YouTube views

JYP Entertainment, the agency who manages the girl group, announced last August 29 that TWICE's "Dance the Night Away" music video surpassed 300 million YouTube Views last August 28.

Twice Dance the Night Away
(Photo : Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

Because of this, "Dance the Night Away" joins their songs "Like OOH-AHH," "CHEER UP," "TT," "LIKEY," "What is Love?," "Heart Shaker," "FANCY," "Feel Special," "YES or YES," and "I Can't Stop Me" in the list of their songs that achieved the 300 million views milestone.

"Dance the Night Away" is the title song of Twice's second album called "Summer Nights," which was released on July 9, 2018. It has a bright energy and exciting performances from the nine members who created an impressive synergy. It is an up-tempo pop song with a refreshing atmosphere. "Dance the Night Away" has been proving its steady popularity in the Asian region. It obtained a gold certification from the Japan Record Association last August 24. The recognition is based on works that recorded over 50 million cumulative plays. It is more meaningful as the 10th gold certification record in the whole career of TWICE.

TWICE to Release First Full English Single 'The Feels' in October + Reveals Teaser
(Photo : TWICE (News1))

Meanwhile, TWICE entered the 6th place on the US Billboard main chart "Billboard 200" last June 26 with their 10th mini-album called "Taste of Love," that was released in the same month, it also entered the other chart called "Billboard Artist 100" chart. It ranked 9th on the "Billboard Artist 100," thus proving its popularity all over the world. Subsequently, TWICE is expected to release its first English single called "The Feels" at the same time all over the world on October 1 and it will prompt their global success.

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TWICE announces their upcoming Full-English single 'The Feels'

Last August 23, JYP Entertainment surprised the ONCEs with the news of TWICE's comeback, together with a video that contained spoilers.

In the teaser video, the girl group's first English single title "The Feels" and its upcoming release schedule were announced and it will accelerate its global move.

The teaser video also gave a sneak peek of TWICE's filming site, concept, and other images for their upcoming music video. Particularly, Tzuyu exuded her stunning beauty while holding a hairdryer, while the other members gave off a lively vibe like a high-teen musical that is in a dressing room filled with different accessories and props.

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

It gets more cheers from the fans by previewing a new visual concept, like matching berets and long boots along with colorful checkered patterns and sporting brightly dyed hair colors.

Because of their upcoming Full-english single, some major foreign media like Forbes and MTV are now focused on TWICE's English songs and upcoming releases. They have also dealt with the global movement of "K-Pop's representative girl group."

At the same time, TWICE's first full English single titled "The Feels" will be released on October 1 at 12:00 (EST) and 1:00 AM (KST).

Watch the "The Feels" teaser below:

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: TWICE to Release First Full English Single 'The Feels' in October + Reveals Teaser

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