BLACKPINK Lisa Solo Debut: 'LALISA' 3rd Teaser Reveals Idol's Other Side

Now that BLACKPINK Lisa solo debut is just a week away, her visual concept that gives off a very unique aura is being revealed slowly.

BLACKPINK Lisa Solo Debut: Third Teaser Video for 'LALISA' Shows Her Different Persona

YG Entertainment released the third teaser video for Lisa solo debut album "LALISA" on its official blog on September 3.

The poster image features Lisa riding a single rope swing and barefoot while in a pure white space. The teaser video on the other hand, is about 24 seconds long.

Lisa's alluring gestures, intense eyes, and sanguine expressions are the highlight of the video. She emanates a magical charm that will make the viewers look back several times.

Lisa Third Teaser
(Photo : Twitter: @ygent_official)

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It is a different concept from Lisa in the two teaser videos released before. The latest teaser video makes it harder for the fans to predict what kind of concept Lisa will showcase on her first single debut.

However, Lisa's splendid transformation will make everyone nod every time they view the teaser video and maximum curiosity and anticipation for her solo album "LALISA" is now increasing for the fans.

Lisa solo debut album LALISA is set for release on September 10. The soundtrack is also scheduled to be released at 12 MN (EST) in the United States and 1 PM (KST) in Korea.

YG Entertainment foreshadows the music that melts Lisa's identity and the culmination of a performance that will go beyond the charisma that she has been showing until now.

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Fans ecstatic at BLACKPINK Lisa solo debut

Lisa's worldwide popularity is strong. Her solo album "LALISA" exceeded 700,000 pre-order in only four days (as of August 30) after pre-orders launched last August 26.

Lisa solo album succeeded in getting a new record early, and she is ready to write a new history as a K-Pop female solo artist.

(Photo : Instagram: @blackpinkofficial)

Lisa has been getting a lot of attention not only for her outstanding dancing and rap skills. Aside from that, she also showed extreme talents in her solo parts while being simultaneously in perfect harmony with the BLACKPINK members.

Fans' expectations rise because she is going to fill the stage with just her charm.

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(Photo : Lisa (News1))

BLINKs all over the world are also pouring out different speculations about Lisa's solo title track. YG Entertainment stated that as the name of the album "LALISA" implies, the viewers and listeners will be able to properly feel Lisa's original charm that is not like before.

(Photo : Twitter: @ygent_official)

Lisa's popularity and BLACKPINK's influence all over the world is undeniable. Moreover, Lisa herself has the most Instagram followers - around 57.98 million - among all the K-Pop artists.

Moreover, the number of subscribers to her personal YouTube channel "Lili Film" has now surpassed 8.04 million.

BLACKPINK's YouTube channel, to which she is a member, has over 64.3 million subscribers, this made her the world's top female artist.

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