Top 10 'Banned' K-pop Songs That Are So Addictive – Playlist to Energize Your Day

Top 10 'Banned' K-pop Songs That Are So Addictive – Playlist to Energize Your Day
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Are you feeling down these days? These addictive K-pop songs will surely give you the energy to do your tasks for the whole day! But you should be wary as these are real earworms that it was even 'banned' to students particularly during review for examination! Keep reading to know the Top 10!

Previously, the YouTube channel, "The K-POP" ranked top 10 songs that are banned for SAT examinees — and the reason is that they were so addictive you can't stop listening to them!

Listen to these Top 10 'banned' and addictive K-pop songs at your own risk:

10. ATEEZ 'FIREWORK (I'm the One)'

In the 10th spot is ATEEZ's "FIREWORK (I'm the One)" released in March. The "K-pop's fourth-gen representative" truly showcased a fiery and energetic performance through this song – that you'll feel like you are partying in an EDM event.

9.fromis_9 'We Go'

fromis_9 then brings the cool and refreshing atmosphere on the beach with their track, "We Go." With its lyrics, "Come with me now/Follow me now," you will definitely feel like going on a long drive or a vacation away from the worries amid the pandemic.

8. ONF 'Beautiful Beautiful'

The rising boy group ONF is indeed always giving various sounds – this time an energy-boosting song with "Beautiful Beautiful." With its opening lyrics, "Brrram ppabam ppabam ppamppam," this is already a warning that once you listen to this song, there's no way you can forget about it!

7. ITZY 'Mafia in the Morning'

Different from their previous releases, ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning," is truly addictive that you want to make it your day's opening song while doing your daily routines. But be sure not to listen to it while you are studying, or else, you won't finish any work and end up binge-watching other ITZY's contents instead!

6. Weeekly 'After School'

The song "After School" by Weeekly is a bouncy and exciting song that reminds you of the fun and excitement every after school or class with your friends. This is truly a nostalgic song that will make you miss the normal classes before coronavirus arises.

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5.SHINee 'Don't Call Me'

The No. 1 representative group of producing several banned and addictive K-pop songs, SHINee returned with their track, "Don't Call Me" after three years. Its lyrics, "Don't call me/don't call me/don't call me," will undoubtedly remain on your mind, just how "Ring Ding Dong" did!

4. Oh My Girl 'Dun Dun Dance'

Following Oh My Girl "Nonstop," the top-tier girl group returns with another earworm track, "Dun Dun Dance." Its refrain, "I just wanna dun dun dance," is truly infectious!

3. NCT Dream 'Hot Sauce'

Can you even listen to this song without singing its catchphrase, "Hot sauce deeply dip that, eh"? The "million-seller" group indeed makes this song memorable with their signature sound!


With the group's bright and bubbly image, "ASAP" is a teen-fresh song that depicts how a teenager wants to find her ideal type, as soon as possible.

Just listening to its iconic phrase, "STAYC girls, it's going down," it's a song that you can't stop listening to once you click that tune-in button!

1. aespa 'Next Level'

And for the much-awaited No.1 addictive song in this list is none other than aespa's "Next Level." From the sound, arrangement, dance choreo, vocals, and lyrics – everything is legendary!

It has numerous catchy phrases including, "I'm on the next level," "I see the NU EVO," "Beat drop, Naevis calling," and more – that you'll end up singing along through the whole music!

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